4-H’ers Showing Llamas.

first_imgWallace King always wanted llamas on his Montezuma, Ga. farm.But he could never come up with a logical reason to buy some.”They would have just been lawn ornaments,” he said.”We couldn’t justify putting out the money to buy them whenwe didn’t intend to show them.”King and his wife Ila found their logical reason to buy somewhen a South Carolina 4-H llama club leader invited them to allama show.Georgia’s First 4-H Llama ClubTo the Kings, Georgia’s first 4-H llama club seemed a naturalnext step. In January 2000, they began promoting the new clubto Macon County 4-H’ers.Just two months later, the club walked away with 12 ribbonsin their first Alpaca and Llama Show Association event. By October,four students placed high enough at a Perry show to go to theregional show in Gainesville. From there, one 4-H’er competednationally in Columbia, Mo.Word is spreading. “We’ve had several people tell us they’vebeen trying to start a club,” said King, now the Macon County4-H program assistant.The Kings raise chickens, so caring for llamas was new. Theyrely on books and on other llama owners for help. But King saidthe llamas make it easy because they’re hardy and easy to carefor.They Don’t Like Georgia SummersLlamas are native to cool areasof South America. “We keep reading about llamas getting toohot in the summer, but we haven’t had any problems,” Kingsaid. “They lose their heat through their stomachs, so weshear the hair off their stomachs and backs so they can lie onthe ground and keep cool.”Llamas can be costly — “anywhere from $250 to $40,000,”King said. “We bought two to start up, and then one of thelocal growers here sold us two at a really good price becausehe knew they were for the 4-H club.”Since then, a North Carolina woman heard about the club anddonated five. Then a 4-H’er bought four, and a couple from Blairsvilledonated one. The Kings’ farm is now home to 22 adult llamas andtwo new babies.The 4-H’ers are required to learn all about llamas. “4-His supposed to be a learning experience and be fun,” Kingsaid. “They have to study the llamas and learn about theiranatomy, feeding habits, how they’re bred, the gestation periodand their bone structure.”Llamas and Kids Make Great TeamsThe Kings learned at seminars how to train llamas. “Weteach the kids how,” he said. “All of our llamas havebeen trained by our 4-H’ers. The kids really take tothem, and the llamas work better for the kids than they do foradults.”Working on a farm with any kind of animal was a new experiencefor the club’s members. “Our group is made up of city kids,”King said. “Most of them were very scared at first, but withinan hour or so they lost all their fears.”King considers the llamas safe. “Llamas’ feet are padded,”he said, “so even if they did kick you, it wouldn’t hurt.And they can’t bite, ’cause they don’t have upper teeth in front.”One Rude HabitThey do have one bad habit. “If they get really, reallyannoyed, they’ll spit on you,” King said. “It’s theironly defense. I have one who spits when we try to halter her.They spit on each other to establish dominance.”King said the middle of these “spitting fights” feelslike being sneezed on. “It’s annoying, but by no means life-threatening,”he said.The 4-H’ers use their llama-training skills another way. Thellamas have entertained at two birthday parties, earning the club$80. “We’d do more parties, but my wife and I just don’thave enough hours in the day,” said King.last_img read more

Saša Petković, KG Media: Quality content is extremely important, focus on what readers want, and less on their own ambitions

first_imgDigital marketing has long been more than just one industry and today for each segment there are various experts specializing in only one area, precisely because of its complexity and daily development from day to day.So for a long time the main focus has been on the company’s digital DNA, marketing, communication as well as so important analytics, especially when we talk about the tourism sector, and everything is measurable on the Internet. So, it has long been no longer a question of advertising or not, having a website or not, communicating through social networks, etc. itd that everything is extremely important, and much more, because if you are not digitally present and active you will simply fail in the long run. Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s just like that.But what we can learn from a lot of data and why it is extremely important, I talked to Sasa Petkovic, Senior Sales Manager from the advertising agency KG Media, who points out that there is a lot of data in analytical programs. ” Given that there has long been a technical predisposition for the website owner to get information about what is happening on his website, what visitors are doing (or not doing) on ​​it, how many of them (not) met the main goal of the site, and the site owner consciously decides not to deal with it – most often, because it is too complex – I can only recommend the engagement of experts, who in such a situation will be able to interpret the available statistics and trends from analytics to the web owner. All this, so that the owner knows if he needs to fix anything on the website in order to earn even more on the service or products that he presents and sells through his own website. However, by using analytical programs on a daily basis, the analyst learns to distinguish the more important from the less important, for the specific specifics of the business for which this data is observed. “, Petković points out.On the other hand, websites have somehow gone into the background with the advent of various booking portals, but as booking portals have taken over much of the work, and thus commissions, the focus returns to websites as the main sales channel, at least when talking about the hotel industry. . As Petković points out, the websites should never have lost so much of their sales, which were taken over by OTA (Online Travel Agencies), but how the market makes its own. “Some of the more successful OTAs have long realized the importance of analyzing and then shaping the behavior of users of their sites combined with using the most effective methods of Online Advertising. A perfect example here is the ubiquitous booking.com, which is one of the biggest advertisers on Google search engine. But even if they are the largest, and when it turns out that OTAs are taking an increasing share of the sales capacity of tourism companies, if those companies want to do something about it, there are a number of options and tools to do so. Starting with working on your own website, which should be perceived as the main advertising and potentially sales channel of the company. These are primarily industry trends: an increasing number of tourists book their accommodation online. The only question is: how visible is your tourist company, and how successfully does it communicate with that tourist, so that the latter decides to leave his money with you and not with the competition or intermediary”, Says Petković.All possible analytics is imperative today, all with the aim of better knowing the target group, the effect of campaigns, what and how the target group behaves on your website, what they want and ask for, etc.… But precisely because of the complexity and interpretation of all data there is a need for special managers, who know how to recognize and read all the data, and thus present them well. And one of the important tasks after the collected data is certainly Remarketing or Retargeting, Petković emphasizes. “Remarketing is just a tool, and as with other tools – hammers, drills, computers, Facebook pages, etc., etc. – it can be used successfully and unsuccessfully, and sometimes counterproductively. This is a method of re-targeting people who have visited your website before. The most common ailments of advertisers who use this tool – but not optimally – are frequent and continuous bombardment of people with the same (often, by mistake, generic) ads, and in the worst case, this “bombardment” is performed on people who have already converted / bought / booked on your pages, but you have not set a rule in the system to exclude these people from targeting. I would say that the more sophisticated a promotional tool is, the more it offers the opportunity for success, but also for failure. Unfortunately, the Online Advertising industry is such that changes to existing and the emergence of new online advertising tools occur on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.”Says Petković and adds that all this should be monitored, and people who do not deal with it professionally often do not have time for that.One of the new trends is certainly seen as a medium, as well as a focus on Instagram, and Facebook as much as it is declining in some segments is simply still the main medium, but certainly not the only one. As trends change more often, as well as the emergence of new social networks, we actually have a new digital marketing mix. Of course, the whole story should emphasize that a communication and branding strategy is needed, because not only the best possible reach is important, of course it all depends on the goal and from campaign to campaign, but it is necessary to segment well how and to whom we communicate because each target group or tourist profile has its own needs and habits and a different way of communicating to each group separately.KG Media points out that the online marketing methods they have been using the most lately are: Content marketing (extremely important for successful SEO), Inbound marketing and lead generation, Onsite search engine optimization, social networks – in terms of paid advertising, but also community management and a number of other methods. “Social networks are really very important for company branding, for which it is important to choose the right “tone” of communication (put on your “PR” hat when posting on Facebook), interesting topics, quality materials (pictures and video), optimal time for posts and placement ads… There are really a lot of details that a smart advertiser must pay attention to today, all in order to reach as large a relevant population for their business, for as little money as possible. The digital media mix has been present in the media plans we create for ten years, but every year it dresses in a new outfit. Sometimes some new platforms don’t live up to expectations, and you need to be aware of that. Here I return to the topic from the first question: the need and importance of analysis”Petkovic pointed out.”Focus on what readers want, and less on their own ambitions” Sasa Petkovic, KG MediaQuality content is key, but quality content is not an article in which you praise yourself and how you are the best, the fastest, the best… Quality content must give new value and always has and will always have its audience – a quality audience. It is this audience that is not stupid and they know very well how to recognize classic PR, which has lost its value due to the “prostitution” of the market, and the new ones are not stupid and know how to distinguish good content from bad. A new trend in the future that is already on our doorstep is to measure the success of the campaign through time metrics, ie how much time the user has spent on your page, ie article. It is quality content that creates trust and gives added value to the reader, as well as much more time reading a quality article, while in classic PR articles the time is extremely short, again because readers immediately or very quickly realize that it is an ordinary PR article.Precisely because of the “prostitution” of the digital media space, various pop-up banners that pop up from all sides, videos that start themselves or you can interrupt them, the explosion of various PR articles and “stupid” headlines that only aim to get a click, and not important content or quality, has led to mistrust of readers, as well as the emergence of Ad Blocker.Perhaps the best summary of the whole story and the point at “i” is a great video by Gary Vaynerchuk and an explanation of why he will never buy a Samsung mobile phone. Look.The solution is precisely quality content, which in turn brings us a much longer time to stay at the party, ie every news item. As Petković points out, we must divide quality content into two groups, where one must not exclude the other, but exist in parallel. “The content should be of good quality for the user / visitor / reader, but also for search engines. If I were to give preference to one of those two categories, I would give it to the user experience. In the long run, consequently, more readers will have content that their readers recognize as quality, than a bunch of pointlessly complex keywords that are forcibly inserted into some, often orthographically incorrect text. Google’s algorithm recently has AI technology, which recognizes semantics. This means you can now write without emphasizing just one form of keyword, whether it fits the text or not. Regardless of everything, we suggest content authors to start by choosing an interesting topic for the target audience and compose content that has some minimum of its own. They say it’s 300 words per page / article. Then let them advertise to their heart’s content, paying attention to the corporate tone and creating original content (Google has to say that it doesn’t like copy / paste but content published elsewhere). Then they can – if they are lucky and use some SEO tool like Yoast in WordPress – create that content by eliminating the SEO mistakes that such a specialized tool warns us about. Our recommendation is that content authors prefer to focus on what readers want, and less on their own ambitions. Consequently, part of these readers – their target audience – will give them back what is the goal of all these activities. By purchasing, that is, by booking”Petkovic emphasizes.In the end, the most important and holy grail of marketing, and that is what all our promotional activities, and everything else, comes down to – and that is an increase in earnings. How can travel agents optimize websites in order to increase sales? It sounds simple, as Petković points out, but it certainly isn’t. “It’s very simple. The more you bring your potential customers to your website, the greater the potential for increased sales. By investing in SEO, in the long run you increase the possibility that more people will find you on search engines (Google, Bing () and consequently visit your site. Again, quality content is important because we all know that visits through organic search results are free. In addition, there are studies that say that a large number of Internet search engine users trust organic search results more than paid ads. Here we can draw a parallel with the press: more readers of periodicals trust journalistic articles than paid advertisements. Another type of media, the same user psychology. We have been informing our clients for years about the importance of owning a Blog section (it was called “blog”, “news” or “news” – less important), within which they can publish new content (Content) that search engines adore. Let’s put it laymanly: search engines like situations when – when re-analyzing your web pages – they find new content relevant to the users of those same search engines. Let’s simplify even more: if your facility is located in Split and you write a quality article “What to do in Split” on your website, you have a good chance that English-speaking users who are interested in what to do in Split will find you on Google, click on link, get to your site, and then – if the site is cleverly designed to give visitors an intuitive “solution” in the form of a reservation – maybe sell the accommodation”Concludes Petković from the advertising agency KG Media.We always think that we can do everything ourselves and how it is all a waste of money, of course you can and must educate yourself, but for a serious result without professional help you will certainly not succeed. That there is something in this “marketing” is sufficiently shown by the example of the famous drink Coca-Cola, which the whole world knows about, but is still aggressively advertised.If you want to educate yourself, you can read various tips from Saša Petković and his colleagues on the already mentioned blog pages, ie quality content that you can find here: https://kg-media.eu/blog/ , or even better, listen to Sasa Petkovic ‘s live lecture and ask him for advice at 11th Congress of Croatian Camping which will be held from 13.-15.11.2017. in Šibenik.And don’t forget, there will always be those who will offer you some service for less money. But everything has its value as well as the end result. Don’t play games, it’s all about your money, ie sales success, and thus increasing your income. Because marketing is never a cost, but an investment. Invest your money wisely.Author: Goran Riheljlast_img read more

Arsenal preparing summer move for Guingamp attacker Marcus Thuram but face competition

first_imgMarcus was born in Parma while World Cup-winning Dad Lilian was playing in Italy (Getty)With Guingamp struggling – and potentially even getting relegated – he would be available for a relatively affordable price.Arsenal will not make any move until the end of the season, though, with their budget and transfer targets dependent on where they finish in the league, and Thuram is likely to be targeted if they fail to qualify for the Champions League.More: Manchester United FCRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starNew Manchester United signing Facundo Pellistri responds to Edinson Cavani praiseEx-Man Utd coach blasts Ed Woodward for two key transfer errors Arsenal preparing summer move for Guingamp attacker Marcus Thuram but face competition Metro Sport ReporterSunday 24 Mar 2019 10:26 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link213Shares Comment The 21-year-old has seven goals in Ligue 1 this season usually playing off the left (Getty)And now Le10Sport report that Arsenal are hopeful of gazumping their rivals for Thuram – whose father was part of France’s 1998 World Cup winning team.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTUnai Emery remains an avid follower of French football, having spent two seasons in charge of PSG, and has given his backing to the pursuit.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityArsenal are ‘laying the groundwork’ for a summer move, though fear Dortmund will pose the biggest competition when the window reopens, having signed a host of stars from France such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Ousmane Dembele.Thuram is developing into a fine left winger, also capable of playing across the frontline, and has seven league goals this season.center_img Advertisement The French forward has had a solid campaign despite the team’s struggles (Picture: Getty)Arsenal are preparing to step up their pursuit of Guingamp attacker Marcus Thuram, son of Lilian, though will face significant competition from Borussia Dortmund for his signature.Although Guingamp have struggled this season, currently lying in 18th place in Ligue 1 and seven points adrift of safety, Thuram has been a rare bright spark for the side.He has already been scouted by a host of European giants, with the likes of Tottenham and Manchester United sending scouts to watch his performances. Advertisementlast_img read more

UW splits weekend series with No. 3 North Dakota

first_imgJAKE NAUGHTON/Herald photoWith emotions running high all weekend at the Kohl Center,the Wisconsin Badgers and North Dakota Fighting Sioux skated to a series split.Behind a fantastic performance by junior goalie ShaneConnelly, UW came away with a 4-0 shutout Friday. Wisconsin came out flatSaturday night, however, and fell to No. 3 North Dakota 3-1 in the seriesfinale.North Dakota (5-3-1, 3-3-0 WCHA) struck first midway throughthe opening period when Chris VandeVelde’s backhander snuck over Connelly’sshoulder for a power play goal. Just as it looked like the Badgers would escapethe first period down just 1-0, the Sioux’s T.J. Oshie took a one-timer infront of the net from linemate Ryan Duncan, beating Connelly with only threeseconds remaining before intermission.Wisconsin (5-3-0, 2-2-0 WCHA) had just six shots on goal inthe first period and looked lost on both sides of the puck.”There were a lot of things we were disappointed in,” headcoach Mike Eaves said following Saturday’s loss. “Lack of confidence, poisewith the puck — we held onto it too long. … We looked disjointed, disorganized,and a good team took it to us pretty good tonight.””We knew they’d be fired up and ready to go,” defensemanDavis Drewiske said. “We said all the right things beforehand, but just didn’thave a lot of spark coming out of the locker room.”One of the only emotional lifts the Badgers received allnight came late in the second period. Already leading 2-0, the Sioux had achance to close the door with another goal. Connelly was caught out of positionin front of the net, leaving the right side of the goal completely open. NorthDakota’s Brad Miller got the puck in front of the net and shot toward the openside of the goal. Connelly dove back and flipped through the air to swat thepuck with his stick just before it crossed the goal line, bringing the KohlCenter crowd to their feet and providing a temporary lift for the Badgers.”My stick was in the right place at the right time,”Connelly said. “My job is to keep the puck out of the net, so I’ve got to usehead, stick, toe, whatever to try to keep it out and keep the team in thegame.”Wisconsin was unable to do anything with the energy andmomentum finally on their side, instead allowing North Dakota to score againjust minutes later. Andrew Kozek put UND up 3-0 after his shot hit the post onthe right side of the net and bounced in.Matthew Ford put UW on the board late in the third period,but the 3-1 deficit was too much to overcome for the Badgers.Both teams finally let their emotions get the best of themnear the end of Saturday’s game, with tensions culminating in a fight thatresulted in 20 total penalties, 120 penalty minutes and 10 ejections — fivefrom each team.”For the whole series, I thought it was pretty highintensity for early in the year,” Drewiske said. “Any time there’s two talentedteams going at it, once in a while stuff can boil over.”An entirely different Wisconsin team showed up for theseries opener Friday. The first period saw no goals by either team, as NorthDakota failed to capitalize on easy scoring opportunities. Both Oshie andRobbie Bina had shots at the net with Connelly out of position, but Oshie’sshot went wide and Bina’s clanked off the goalpost.”To come out of (the first period) 0-0 was pretty good forus,” Eaves said. “It was a matter of regrouping [and saying], ‘OK, now you’veseen it. You’ve seen why they were picked to do a lot of things this season.’”With their top line on the ice, the Badgers finally opened thescoring in the second period. UND goalie Jean-Philippe Lamoureux tried to clearthe puck out of the zone, but forward Podge Turnbull kept it in along theboards. After Turnbull sent a pass towards the net, Kyle Turris put up a shotthat was stopped by Lamoureux. Ben Street then collected the rebound andslipped it past Lamoureux, giving UW a 1-0 lead and extending Street’s scoringstreak to eight consecutive games.With the outstanding performance of Connelly — who made 43saves on the night — one goal would have been enough for the Badgers. They wenton to score three more times, however, as Brendan Smith, Blake Geoffrion andJohn Mitchell each recorded third-period goals.”We needed [Shane’s] efforts in net with a young team,”Eaves said.The Badgers will now face Colorado College on the road nextweekend as they look to earn their first conference series sweep.”Onan individual basis, the guys can take the experience [from this series],”Drewiske said. “We know that if we want to be a big time team, we’ve got to beable to win on back-to-back nights.”last_img read more

Rams will have no fans or limited capacity at new SoFi Stadium in 2020

first_imgThe team said season tickets would not be possible in 2020 and instead be deferred to the 2021 season. The Rams expect their stadium capacity to be limited to about 15,000 if fans are allowed at the multibillion-dollar SoFi Stadium at some point. The Los Angeles Rams announced on Tuesday in an email to their season ticket holders that their new SoFi Stadium would either be “at limited capacity or no capacity” for the upcoming season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Additionally, the Rams said they anticipate the NFL will cancel all preseason games, meaning the stadium’s first scheduled game would be the Sunday night season opener against the Dallas Cowboys on Sept. 13.If fans are permitted to attend games, they would be required to wear a mask unless actively eating or drinking, and social-distancing guidelines would be enforced at all times throughout the venue.Rams announce updated ticket information for the 2020 season.— Los Angeles Rams (@RamsNFL) July 21, 2020last_img read more

Chehalis Western Trail Closure Begins Today

first_imgSubmitted by Thurston CountyTwo-month closure of the Chehalis Western Trail at Rainier Road train trestle starts one day early.BNSF Railways started construction today on the train trestle that crosses Rainier Road Southeast—one day earlier than expected—which means a one-mile section of the popular Chehalis Western Trail is now closed for approximately two months.BNSF Railways will be working this summer to replace the trestle that crosses Rainier Road Southeast just south of the Indian Summer Golf Course. The railroad company plans to coordinate the trestle replacement work with other construction projects and railroad closures in the area over the course of the next eight to 10 weeks. During that time, the one-mile section of the Chehalis Western Trail will be closed, and barricades will be placed near the construction site.Crews are not expected to be actively working throughout the entire two-month closure, but the area is still considered an active construction zone, so bicyclists and pedestrians are advised to avoid the area or find an alternate route.“The bottom line for us is that this is BNSF’s project, and they control the schedule, not us,” said Thurston County Parks Manager Kerry Hibdon. “It’s a real shame that it comes right in the heart of summer when the trail is used the most, but safety is our number one concern here, so that section of the trail will be closed until BNSF completes their project.”While the one-mile section of the Chehalis Western Trail will be closed for the duration of the project, Rainier Road Southeast will remain open to traffic. During active construction periods, drivers and others using Rainier Road Southeast should expect traffic to be reduced to one lane at times, and are asked to slow down and take care in the construction zone to help keep construction crews safe.Hibdon also reminds trail users that the trail will not be safe to use in that area, even when there are no construction crews actively working. “This will still be an active construction site with hazards like equipment, materials, temporary supports, even holes in the ground. For safety’s sake, we ask that people obey the signs and stay out of the barricaded area until construction is completely finished.”More information about the Chehalis Western Trail closure near Rainier Road Southeast is available on the county’s Public Works Department website. To check on project updates and to view a map of the closed section of trail, go to www.co.thurston.wa.us/publicworks and click on the “Parks and Trails” header. Facebook8Tweet0Pin0last_img read more

LAPD crackdown targets illegal tow-truck operators

first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Under state law, operators cannot take a car if the owner is still on the property. “L.A. residents are sick and tired of being victimized by tow-truck predators,” said Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, whose office has also increased its prosecution of bandit operators. “(This) sends a clear message to all the would-be tow-truck predators lurking in this city: We’re standing up against you and putting an end to your illegal activities.” [email protected] (818) 713-3741 Tow-trucks will have to be registered and permits prominently displayed under an LAPD crackdown on bandit drivers who operate illegally in Los Angeles. Under a new state law that gives cities the authority to regulate the tow-truck industry, the LAPD will revoke the licenses of operators who repeatedly tow cars without proper authorization or who force drivers to pay exorbitant fees for the return of their cars. “We are not trying to stop towing in this city,” LAPD Detective Ben Jones said. “What we are trying to provide is legitimate tow companies a set of regulations they can operate in while at the same time protecting the public from some of the confrontations that have occurred when somebody’s car is being towed.” The Los Angeles Police Department gets about 75 complaints a month from motorists complaining that their car was illegally towed or that they were charged outrageous fees for its release. last_img read more

Who Invited the Scientist in Here?

first_imgIf you envision science in terms of white-coated lab chemists holding flasks, field biologists gathering bird eggs, astronomers peering through a telescope or geologists chipping rocks with hand picks, think again.  Today’s science sweeps everything into its domain, including the human mind, intellect, emotions, will, creativity, and our most sincere beliefs and actions.  When not explained in terms of evolutionary impulses from some animal past, they are often described in sterile, dispassionate terms, reducing our sincerely held beliefs, choices and partnerships into matters of neurotransmitters in the brain or impulses little different than the behavior of ants.  Humanities departments should beware letting scientists in the door.  They come in and take over.Moral calorimeter:  A Harvard press release posted on PhysOrg analyzed moral decision making in terms of brain wiring.  “It seems that our capacity for complex, life-and-death decisions depends on brain structures that originally evolved for making more basic, self-interested decisions about things like obtaining calories.”  The scientists assumed that since the same brain circuits for moral decisions lit up in brain images as those for obtaining money or food, that therefore morality was an artifact of the evolutionary selection for self-preservation.Evangelical species:  A Rice University press release posted on PhysOrg classified evangelical leaders into four categories with the coldness and aloofness of a museum worker pinning insects to a cladogram.Shame on poverty:  An Oxford press release announced an international study to measure the relationship of poverty to feelings of low self-esteem, PhysOrg announced.  This study did desire, however, to “tackle poverty effectively while simultaneously recognising the importance of promoting dignity and a sense of self-respect.”  It is not clear, however, whether science can establish which is the cause, and which is the effect, if either.Evolution of crying:  Several articles such as this one on SmartPlanet analyzed the evolutionary purpose of tears.  Assuming anything that exists evolved, the article said, “according to scientists who study evolution, crying has likely evolved to be a tool – a leg up in natural selection – to help the species persist.”  The reporter called NPR’s coverage of this idea a “great report” because it supposedly explains a human behavior as “an evolved mechanism to save relationships in distress.”Evolution of marriage:  A press release from University of Chicago posted by PhysOrg analyzed the stress levels and hormones of married couples compared to singles, and classified human marriages right along with the animals: “in species of primates and birds where males assist females with rearing offspring … testosterone levels in males drop as they engage in more fatherly behavior.”  The human subjects were subjected to saliva sampling before and after playing computer games.Religious patriotism:  A press release from the American Sociological Association claimed, according to PhysOrg, that “People with no religious affiliation have less favorable views of the US.”  It’s not clear whether the sociologists intended to state a cause-and-effect relationship between patriotism and three demographic factors (ethnicity, religious affiliation and nationality), or just wanted to state a pattern in the statistics.  The press release was too brief to describe the instrument used.  What does a national-pride-o-meter look like?TV Sex:  A press release from Temple University published by PhysOrg claims that TV sex is not linked to early teen sexual activity.  “There are many reasons to find the portrayal of sex in mass media objectionable,” the researcher remarked, “But let’s not confuse matters of taste with matters of science.”  Apparently science is tasteless.Goys and birls:  In a claim sure to cause furrowed brows among some parents, Michigan State University claims, “Boys and Girls Not as Different as Previously Thought.”  The article on Science Daily admitted that “further research is needed to confirm the results by examining a single group of children over time.”Don’t tell dad:  My, what would Mom and Dad think of a press release from the American Sociological Association that exonerates college unmarried sex on the grounds that it is “often harmless to their academics”?  Read Science Daily if you dare.  Apparently the opinions of parents, religious leaders, ethicists and counselors were irrelevant to this kind of “scientific” study.Mr. Wilson against Dennis the Menace:  E. O. Wilson was at it again this week, explaining the evolution of eusociality (self-sacrificing group behavior, as seen in beehives and human charitable organizations).  Science Daily summarize his latest Nature paper.  The apostate Christian and his colleagues figured out a way to explain unselfish behavior entirely in terms of Darwinian natural selection.  Part of the collateral damage of this view, if it becomes the new paradigm (not a new game; see 05/07/2002 and 08/26/2004), is that decades of Hamilton’s kin selection (inclusive fitness) theory, regarded as “one of the most (or even the most) important evolutionary insights of the recently finished century” gets tossed into the dustbin of history.  For more on the “disturbing” legacy of W. D. Hamilton, see 03/07/2002 and 09/02/2004.Remember Abraham Maslow?  He was the evolutionary psychologist who devised the iconic pyramidal diagram called the “hierarchy of needs” (physical needs, safety, affection, esteem, and self-actualization).  According to Arizona State University, that was a good start, but the pyramid needs an upgrade to take into account evolutionary psychology.  PhysOrg reported that the ASU researchers flipped out their need-o-meters (maybe it’s an app on the Droid) and concluded they had a need to replace self-actualization with some evolutionary needs that Maslow overlooked – “mate acquisition, mate retention and parenting.”  Now that they are considering evolutionary needs, they hope they can take Maslow’s “wonderful idea” and “get it right” this time.It’s time to turn the tables on these Yoda wannabes again.  According to their own belief systems, they are evolved animals, too.  No fair excluding oneself from the population.  If they want to treat the rest of us as lab rats, we can ask for reciprocation, so here goes.  These evolutionary researchers go through these scientific motions because they use the same brain circuits for getting food and money.  We can divide them into four categories: the dogmatic, hilarious, circumlocutious and brazen.  Their affluence causes a lack of shame.  Their atheism causes their unfavorable attitude toward their country.  They are stressed out because their marriages are either unstable or non-existent.  Justifying TV sex is an evolutionary defense mechanism they employ to cover up their own dalliances.  Their scientific conclusions are artifacts of their hormones and gender identities.    Why not let the humanities teachers, philosophers, theologians and preachers turn their measuring instruments on the denizens of the science department?  It would not be hard to envision G. K. Chesterton, C. S. Lewis or Billy Sunday having some rather colorful rhetoric to explain the propensity of evolutionary psychologists to be predominantly atheist, leftist, intolerable, arrogant reprobates.  Undoubtedly, the sin meters of some of these poor scientific scoundrels would be so active, they could be used on hot days as a fan.    What happens when scientists leave the lab and presume upon the domains of other modes of inquiry is that they become caricatures of themselves.  Like the proverbial carpenters with a hammer seeing every problem as a nail, they start hammering the water, the air, the language, and the music.  It looks pretty silly to hammer a Mozart concerto.  One thing they never do, though, is hammer their own heads.  Maybe they should.  Somehow they need their sense knocked back into them, so that they can “experience” the psychology of self-refutation.    Notice how the evolutionary psychos leapt onto the Maslow pyramid to evolve it better.  What is this “hierarchy of needs”?  Who was Abraham Maslow to presume to prescribe what his fellow creatures need most?  Even if he had not been a new-age mystic, he got it wrong – his hierarchy was the complete opposite of what the Manufacturer commanded.  We don’t need self-actualization; we need self-sacrifice!  Jesus said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33) and all your other needs would be added to you.  Paul admonished believers to present themselves to God as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1-2) and have our minds renewed by the word of God.  Jesus told his followers to deny themselves and take up their crosses and follow him, not to seek self-actualization.  Without question the nobility of Jesus Christ, and the life He lived, is incomparably more to be desired than the whims and myths of this joker Maslow who put his puny little self at the center of the universe.  Like all the other leading-light psychologists, he appeared on stage briefly to give his short soliloquy, garner some applause, and then disappear into the wings, out of a job, along with Freud, Jung, Rogers, and all the other pretenders.    It’s time to unmask the charlatans who misuse the good name of science to hawk their deceptive wares.  The know-nothing Yodas described above are only fallible people.  Their hammer works good on physical nails, but not on the mind and the things of God.  Call their bluff, pastors; be bold!  We need some modern-day Elijahs, unaffected by labels and histrionics and costumery, to challenge these priests of Darwin-Baal and show who can draw down the true fire.  One good Elijah is all it takes.(Visited 37 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Series Seed Documents: Legal Templates for Early Investments

first_imgRelated Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#How To#start#startups Because today’s startup generally requires significantly less seed capital to function, the legal contracts once required for large-scale deals are no longer appropriate. Rather than forcing startups to draft lengthy legal documents, one attorney is offering an invaluable resource to entrepreneurs. Best known as the Fenwick and West attorney responsible for Twitter, Ted Wang recently released a series of templates to help startup companies navigate the difficult task of investment financing. The Series Seed documents are a set of guideline documents that allow startups raising less than $1.5 million dollars to lighten the burden of the legal process. Documents include a certificate of incorporation, a preferred stock purchase agreement, an investors’ rights agreement and a seed term sheet. Says Wang, “From an investor’s perspective, while moving away from the traditional full-blown financing documents entails giving up a number of rights and protections, when taken across numerous transactions, the benefits of spending less time and money on the documents outweigh the cost of sacrificing these additional rights and protections.  Moreover, I don’t believe there’s anything included (or excluded) in these documents that will be wildly controversial.” Should there be any controversy, Wang plans on open sourcing the documents for discussion in the near future. While entrepreneurs may use the documents at their own risk, some of the endorsers of the resource include Charles River Ventures, Ron Conway with SV Angel, First Round Capital and Polaris Ventures. To download all four documents entrepreneurs can visit seriesseed.com. For additional resources on how to actually get to this portion of the investment process, early-stage companies should consult Venture Hacks’ series entitled Term Sheet Hacks. center_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market dana oshirolast_img read more

West Indies fined for slow-over rate vs New Zealand in second Test

first_imgWest Indies have been fined for maintaining a slow over-rate during the second Test against New Zealand, which ended in Hamilton on Tuesday. New Zealand defeated the Windies by 240 runs to sweep the two-match series.West Indies stand-in skipper Kraigg Brathwaite was fined 40 per cent of his match fee for over rate after his side was ruled to be two overs short of its target.”Brathwaite has been fined 40 per cent of his match fee, while his players have received 20 per cent fines. If the Windies commit another minor over-rate breach in a Test within 12 months of this offence with Brathwaite as captain, it will be deemed a second offence by Brathwaite and he will face a suspension. Brathwaite pleaded guilty to the offence and accepted the proposed sanction, so there was no need for a formal hearing,” the ICC said in a statement.Brathwaite was standing in for Jason Holder, who was suspended for similar offence after the first Test against New Zealand.The charge was levelled by on-field umpires Bruce Oxenford and Rod Tucker, third umpire Ian Gould, all from the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires, and fourth umpire Chris Brown.In accordance with Article 2.5.1 of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel, which relates to minor over-rate offences, players are fined 10 per cent of their match fees for every over their side fails to bowl in the allotted time, with the captain fined double that amount.last_img read more