These actions will affect my life

Vigorously promote the "Internet plus" action, to construct a dynamic cloud, beautiful Qinghai Qinghai industry, Qinghai people’s livelihood cloud cloud ecological happiness and harmony in Qinghai government cloud; reduce the cost of the real economy burden; further relaxation of Xining city settled restrictions; carry out the "home beautification action"; the development of the ecological environment of the most affinity of the tourism industry…… One of these initiatives mentioned in the "government work report", not only become the NPC deputies and CPPCC members of a hot topic, it has become a hot issue of the people most concerned about, these will be landing in Qinghai in 13th Five-Year during the move will bring change to the people of Qinghai for life? Evening news reporter in the province, the two sessions on the relevant departments responsible person, for the interpretation of the livelihood of the people behind the benefits. (reporter Rong Lijun)

initiatives: four Internet plus cloud brings new life[Abstract]:

[Department] line of Qinghai Province Economic and Information Committee

one after another from the "government work report" over the "cloud", looks tall on, but it is not a collection of information age but with no reality whatever, a big data, it will be a group of huge information data gathered to the network platform, the mobile phone, sent to the people on the computer. Look at the Internet plus era, "cloud" will give us what?

answers: we have three major industries, a production of agriculture, industry and the three stage of service industry, the future of our province will focus on building the vitality of the industry in Qinghai is to rely on the cloud, cloud computing, big data, networking, e-commerce technology, integrated cloud services industry public service cloud platform construction industry intelligent production of agriculture and animal husbandry, information management, wisdom Park, industry cluster construction as a whole and for finance, e-commerce, logistics and other areas.

outlook change: Industrial cloud will meet the needs of industry in our province economic management, the basic function is to achieve real-time data acquisition and the key enterprises in the province’s industrial operation monitoring, these data will form a mass of data. In the information industry and meet the market demand at the same time, it can also meet the demand from enterprises, equipment to manufacture, trading and other online cloud service, can effectively reduce production costs, improve the production efficiency of enterprises.

two things: the great beauty of Qinghai ecological cloudAnswer:
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Qinghai provincial Party committee twelve plenary session of the twelve opening in Xining hosted and

8 15, the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee of the twelfth plenary session of the opening of the Xining in twelfth. The main task of the conference is: to the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speeches especially "71" the spirit of the speech as a guide, conscientiously study and implement the national science and Technology Innovation Conference and east collaboration of poverty alleviation Forum (Yinchuan Conference), the current arrangements for key work.

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Xining city 24 Discipline nspection Supervisor posts

in order to further improve the supervision mechanism, expand its channels, give full play to the role of social supervision, improve the supervision mechanism of the network system, improve administrative efficiency, the morning of June 9th, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a certificate to the 24 special supervisors chair.

it is understood that the special supervisors work includes: take the initiative to understand and reflect the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau supervision law enforcement, honesty and efficiency, and to assist the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau to supervise the Party cadres, civil servants and administrative organs; actively collect and understand the grassroots clean government and anti-corruption work directly; to the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau to reflect, transfer masses of Party members and cadres, administrative organs of public servants illegal behavior and handleaccusations and discipline regulations prescribed by the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau to receive reports and clues; participate in the work style of cadres supervision, supervision, supervision and reporting work, participate in the correct damage the interests of the masses unwholesome tendencies work and grassroots party, village affairs, government affairs and the spirit of pioneering and innovative work, not slack, Loose style, discipline, service awareness is not strong, poor attitude, low administrative approval rate, in violation of the provisions of the official vehicle management. read more

Subsidies about 23000000 key commodities

to protect the main necessities of the market supply, stabilize market prices, to protect the people’s basic life, according to the operating characteristics of the Xining market this year, the city developed in May 2015 to carry out the guarantee stable prices for key commodities control work plan, according to the plan, to May key commodities regulation plan of subsidies will reach about 23000000 yuan. It is reported that the city will be
, for key commodities, key links, key enterprises, through the direct subsidy limit, Yijiangdaibu way, take the transportation reserve, cheap sales, clothing discount none and a series of dynamic control measures, to ensure market supply and price stability. Including: the organization of transporting 100 thousand tons of vegetables, according to the festival market and market demand to the public emergency transportation varieties of dishes, transportation time to April 15th; before and after the Spring Festival in two batches of reserves of 10 thousand tons, long pepper, cucumber chives and other fine food; transporting 18 thousand cattle, 135 thousand sheep, and time to the end of February 2015; the live cattle and sheep 1000 tons, 1200 tons of live pig storage, to May 2015. Transportation and storage of meat dishes in accordance with the principle of price in accordance with the admission (Library) price plus reasonable costs and losses after the launch. At the same time continue to carry out the winter and spring vegetable sales direct sales of vegetables.

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Xining Seismological Bureau to carry out the monitoring technology section chief competition work

  according to the Nanjing Office 2010 issued document No. 69, I added "monitoring science and technology" 1 internal organs, increase the level of nuclear leadership positions 1. December 17th, I Bureau of the chief of the monitoring technology competition. Through competition speech, democratic recommendation, to be recommended to monitor the chief of technology section of Comrade Xu Dengliang, has been carried out before the publicity.
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Tailored for a Huangyuan state personnel training effectiveness

over the years, Huangyuan Tax Bureau adhere to the "tailored for students" talents, through staff training, job rotation platform, exercise promotion and other effective means, to improve the overall quality of cadres, to ensure the reasonable collocation of age, knowledge, job.

it is understood that the Huangyuan tax bureau to do the construction of talent team, through staff training and lay the foundation of the quality of personnel, to cultivate all-round talents through job rotation, to build a platform to show themselves to the talents, promote the growth of talents, optimize the personnel promotion through exercise. Today, the Huangyuan IRS 64 in-service cadres admitted to national economy, intermediate title have 5 people, the selection into the province, PUC all kinds of "talent pool" had a total of 19 people, 35 years of age into the share level cadres talent pool of 10 people. Huangyuan tax bureau of various types of talents are also often in the province, the city’s various types of competition to get good results. Talent team building, but also to promote the Huangyuan IRS revenue, tax services, cultural innovation and other work has made considerable progress. (author: Feng Jingjing snow)
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The people of Xining hit Xining city five of the most


Xining good transmission waves moving in ethnic unity, the flower in full bloom everywhere, the whole society to care for the "left-behind children", China xiadou, infiltration of bursts of scholarly spirit increasingly to the masses…… A city that Xining’s infrastructure to further improve the formation of a blue sky, green land, clear water, beautiful and people and landscape, but in the eyes of the public, the beautiful landscape of the most beautiful scenery is to harvest the spiritual wealth. Some enthusiastic people from the city of Xining to bring a new change in the selection of the "five most". read more

The twelve meeting of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress decided to appoint

5 25, 2009, the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee of the twelve session of the closing of the twenty-sixth. Mu Dongsheng, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, Su Ning, Mao Mao, Cao Wenhu, and so on, the Secretary General of the people’s Republic of China, the Secretary General of the people’s Republic of China, the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China, members of the standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China (CPC), a total of 45 people attended the meeting, which was in line with the quorum of the people of the people’s Republic of China (. Mao presided over the closing session. read more

Today to open Shenzhen to Xining flights

since July 6th Xining airport passenger traffic exceeded 10 thousand people since, as of 17, has reached more than 10 thousand people a day for 11 consecutive days. In order to meet passenger demand, China Southern Airlines to increase flights from August 2nd onwards to open Shenzhen to Xi’an flights to Xining.

reporter learned from the Qinghai Airport Inc, the recent surge in passenger traffic in our province, in July 14th, 15 consecutive days of traffic exceeded 12000 passengers, of which 15 reached 12462 passengers. Airlines are optimistic about the Qinghai market, plans to gradually increase capacity. Southern Shenzhen increased to Xi’an flights to Xining, flight number CZ3793/4, schedule is every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, will use Airbus 320 aircraft to fly. (author: Ni Xiaoying Qi Xiaojun)
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Xining traffic police publicity and education to highlight the three themes

this year, Xining city traffic police detachment highlight three themes, the use of a variety of forms to carry out a variety of publicity and education activities, set off traffic safety propaganda climax.
to "care for life, safe travel" as the theme, focus on strengthening the publicity and education of the owners and the driver of the passenger and freight transport. Detachment and subordinate brigade through lectures, disseminate information, play the "care for life, safe travel" traffic safety special CD, carry out publicity and education of the driver, the driver advocate civilized driving, careful driving, traffic safety publicity and education so that every van driver received a system.
"refused to take the vehicle safety" as the theme, focus on strengthening the publicity and education of the masses. Fully mobilize all the forces can be launched, the development and expansion of the propaganda team. Depth of primary and secondary schools to recruit volunteers to mobilize the majority of teachers and students involved in traffic safety publicity and education, to assist the police to send information, stickers, etc.. In order to change the situation of a lone police fighting, forming a huge, with a strong appeal of the propaganda team. To refuse to take safety hazards vehicles as the theme, and earnestly strengthen the propaganda and education of the masses, enhance self-protection awareness, and consciously refused to take all kinds of vehicle safety hazards.
"to be civilized, civilized road" as the theme, focus on strengthening the publicity and education of primary and middle school students. The Department of education and detachment to strengthen coordination and cooperation, strengthen publicity and education, students’ safety travel at the same time, the student traffic safety, school bus management included the school leadership responsibility system, strengthen the management of the content included in the evaluation of. Adhere to the education of a person, the whole family to talk about the principles of safety, to do civilized people, civilized road as the theme, and constantly expand the results of publicity and education. Increase the focus on the primary and secondary education, to persuade them to not take unsafe vehicles, don’t play on the road, mobilize the students drive around the family to comply with traffic safety, to "hand in hand" effect, expand the influence, to further deepen the road traffic safety publicity, the publicity and education activities effective, full of sound and colour. To effectively improve the traffic safety consciousness of the masses and self-protection ability, ensure that the area of road traffic safety publicity effectiveness. read more