Saša Petković, KG Media: Quality content is extremely important, focus on what readers want, and less on their own ambitions

first_imgDigital marketing has long been more than just one industry and today for each segment there are various experts specializing in only one area, precisely because of its complexity and daily development from day to day.So for a long time the main focus has been on the company’s digital DNA, marketing, communication as well as so important analytics, especially when we talk about the tourism sector, and everything is measurable on the Internet. So, it has long been no longer a question of advertising or not, having a website or not, communicating through social networks, etc. itd that everything is extremely important, and much more, because if you are not digitally present and active you will simply fail in the long run. Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s just like that.But what we can learn from a lot of data and why it is extremely important, I talked to Sasa Petkovic, Senior Sales Manager from the advertising agency KG Media, who points out that there is a lot of data in analytical programs. ” Given that there has long been a technical predisposition for the website owner to get information about what is happening on his website, what visitors are doing (or not doing) on ​​it, how many of them (not) met the main goal of the site, and the site owner consciously decides not to deal with it – most often, because it is too complex – I can only recommend the engagement of experts, who in such a situation will be able to interpret the available statistics and trends from analytics to the web owner. All this, so that the owner knows if he needs to fix anything on the website in order to earn even more on the service or products that he presents and sells through his own website. However, by using analytical programs on a daily basis, the analyst learns to distinguish the more important from the less important, for the specific specifics of the business for which this data is observed. “, Petković points out.On the other hand, websites have somehow gone into the background with the advent of various booking portals, but as booking portals have taken over much of the work, and thus commissions, the focus returns to websites as the main sales channel, at least when talking about the hotel industry. . As Petković points out, the websites should never have lost so much of their sales, which were taken over by OTA (Online Travel Agencies), but how the market makes its own. “Some of the more successful OTAs have long realized the importance of analyzing and then shaping the behavior of users of their sites combined with using the most effective methods of Online Advertising. A perfect example here is the ubiquitous, which is one of the biggest advertisers on Google search engine. But even if they are the largest, and when it turns out that OTAs are taking an increasing share of the sales capacity of tourism companies, if those companies want to do something about it, there are a number of options and tools to do so. Starting with working on your own website, which should be perceived as the main advertising and potentially sales channel of the company. These are primarily industry trends: an increasing number of tourists book their accommodation online. The only question is: how visible is your tourist company, and how successfully does it communicate with that tourist, so that the latter decides to leave his money with you and not with the competition or intermediary”, Says Petković.All possible analytics is imperative today, all with the aim of better knowing the target group, the effect of campaigns, what and how the target group behaves on your website, what they want and ask for, etc.… But precisely because of the complexity and interpretation of all data there is a need for special managers, who know how to recognize and read all the data, and thus present them well. And one of the important tasks after the collected data is certainly Remarketing or Retargeting, Petković emphasizes. “Remarketing is just a tool, and as with other tools – hammers, drills, computers, Facebook pages, etc., etc. – it can be used successfully and unsuccessfully, and sometimes counterproductively. This is a method of re-targeting people who have visited your website before. The most common ailments of advertisers who use this tool – but not optimally – are frequent and continuous bombardment of people with the same (often, by mistake, generic) ads, and in the worst case, this “bombardment” is performed on people who have already converted / bought / booked on your pages, but you have not set a rule in the system to exclude these people from targeting. I would say that the more sophisticated a promotional tool is, the more it offers the opportunity for success, but also for failure. Unfortunately, the Online Advertising industry is such that changes to existing and the emergence of new online advertising tools occur on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.”Says Petković and adds that all this should be monitored, and people who do not deal with it professionally often do not have time for that.One of the new trends is certainly seen as a medium, as well as a focus on Instagram, and Facebook as much as it is declining in some segments is simply still the main medium, but certainly not the only one. As trends change more often, as well as the emergence of new social networks, we actually have a new digital marketing mix. Of course, the whole story should emphasize that a communication and branding strategy is needed, because not only the best possible reach is important, of course it all depends on the goal and from campaign to campaign, but it is necessary to segment well how and to whom we communicate because each target group or tourist profile has its own needs and habits and a different way of communicating to each group separately.KG Media points out that the online marketing methods they have been using the most lately are: Content marketing (extremely important for successful SEO), Inbound marketing and lead generation, Onsite search engine optimization, social networks – in terms of paid advertising, but also community management and a number of other methods. “Social networks are really very important for company branding, for which it is important to choose the right “tone” of communication (put on your “PR” hat when posting on Facebook), interesting topics, quality materials (pictures and video), optimal time for posts and placement ads… There are really a lot of details that a smart advertiser must pay attention to today, all in order to reach as large a relevant population for their business, for as little money as possible. The digital media mix has been present in the media plans we create for ten years, but every year it dresses in a new outfit. Sometimes some new platforms don’t live up to expectations, and you need to be aware of that. Here I return to the topic from the first question: the need and importance of analysis”Petkovic pointed out.”Focus on what readers want, and less on their own ambitions” Sasa Petkovic, KG MediaQuality content is key, but quality content is not an article in which you praise yourself and how you are the best, the fastest, the best… Quality content must give new value and always has and will always have its audience – a quality audience. It is this audience that is not stupid and they know very well how to recognize classic PR, which has lost its value due to the “prostitution” of the market, and the new ones are not stupid and know how to distinguish good content from bad. A new trend in the future that is already on our doorstep is to measure the success of the campaign through time metrics, ie how much time the user has spent on your page, ie article. It is quality content that creates trust and gives added value to the reader, as well as much more time reading a quality article, while in classic PR articles the time is extremely short, again because readers immediately or very quickly realize that it is an ordinary PR article.Precisely because of the “prostitution” of the digital media space, various pop-up banners that pop up from all sides, videos that start themselves or you can interrupt them, the explosion of various PR articles and “stupid” headlines that only aim to get a click, and not important content or quality, has led to mistrust of readers, as well as the emergence of Ad Blocker.Perhaps the best summary of the whole story and the point at “i” is a great video by Gary Vaynerchuk and an explanation of why he will never buy a Samsung mobile phone. Look.The solution is precisely quality content, which in turn brings us a much longer time to stay at the party, ie every news item. As Petković points out, we must divide quality content into two groups, where one must not exclude the other, but exist in parallel. “The content should be of good quality for the user / visitor / reader, but also for search engines. If I were to give preference to one of those two categories, I would give it to the user experience. In the long run, consequently, more readers will have content that their readers recognize as quality, than a bunch of pointlessly complex keywords that are forcibly inserted into some, often orthographically incorrect text. Google’s algorithm recently has AI technology, which recognizes semantics. This means you can now write without emphasizing just one form of keyword, whether it fits the text or not. Regardless of everything, we suggest content authors to start by choosing an interesting topic for the target audience and compose content that has some minimum of its own. They say it’s 300 words per page / article. Then let them advertise to their heart’s content, paying attention to the corporate tone and creating original content (Google has to say that it doesn’t like copy / paste but content published elsewhere). Then they can – if they are lucky and use some SEO tool like Yoast in WordPress – create that content by eliminating the SEO mistakes that such a specialized tool warns us about. Our recommendation is that content authors prefer to focus on what readers want, and less on their own ambitions. Consequently, part of these readers – their target audience – will give them back what is the goal of all these activities. By purchasing, that is, by booking”Petkovic emphasizes.In the end, the most important and holy grail of marketing, and that is what all our promotional activities, and everything else, comes down to – and that is an increase in earnings. How can travel agents optimize websites in order to increase sales? It sounds simple, as Petković points out, but it certainly isn’t. “It’s very simple. The more you bring your potential customers to your website, the greater the potential for increased sales. By investing in SEO, in the long run you increase the possibility that more people will find you on search engines (Google, Bing () and consequently visit your site. Again, quality content is important because we all know that visits through organic search results are free. In addition, there are studies that say that a large number of Internet search engine users trust organic search results more than paid ads. Here we can draw a parallel with the press: more readers of periodicals trust journalistic articles than paid advertisements. Another type of media, the same user psychology. We have been informing our clients for years about the importance of owning a Blog section (it was called “blog”, “news” or “news” – less important), within which they can publish new content (Content) that search engines adore. Let’s put it laymanly: search engines like situations when – when re-analyzing your web pages – they find new content relevant to the users of those same search engines. Let’s simplify even more: if your facility is located in Split and you write a quality article “What to do in Split” on your website, you have a good chance that English-speaking users who are interested in what to do in Split will find you on Google, click on link, get to your site, and then – if the site is cleverly designed to give visitors an intuitive “solution” in the form of a reservation – maybe sell the accommodation”Concludes Petković from the advertising agency KG Media.We always think that we can do everything ourselves and how it is all a waste of money, of course you can and must educate yourself, but for a serious result without professional help you will certainly not succeed. That there is something in this “marketing” is sufficiently shown by the example of the famous drink Coca-Cola, which the whole world knows about, but is still aggressively advertised.If you want to educate yourself, you can read various tips from Saša Petković and his colleagues on the already mentioned blog pages, ie quality content that you can find here: , or even better, listen to Sasa Petkovic ‘s live lecture and ask him for advice at 11th Congress of Croatian Camping which will be held from 13.-15.11.2017. in Šibenik.And don’t forget, there will always be those who will offer you some service for less money. But everything has its value as well as the end result. Don’t play games, it’s all about your money, ie sales success, and thus increasing your income. Because marketing is never a cost, but an investment. Invest your money wisely.Author: Goran Riheljlast_img read more

South Africa outbreak should be wake-up call for continent: WHO

first_img“Even though the numbers in those other countries are smaller I think what we starting to see is a continued acceleration of transmission in a number of countries in sub-Saharan Africa and I think that has to be taken very, very seriously,” he said.”South Africa may unfortunately be a precursor, it may be a warning for what will happen in the rest of Africa. So I think this isn’t just a wake-up call for South Africa … we need to take what is happening in Africa very very seriously.”The WHO also warned that indigenous communities comprising half a million people around the world are especially at risk from the pandemic due to often poor living conditions.Director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that as of July 6, there were more than 70,000 cases reported among indigenous peoples in the Americas, with more than 2,000 deaths. Topics : South Africa’s growing COVID-19 epidemic should be an alert to the rest of the continent to strengthen disease surveillance, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday.South Africa reported a surge of 13,373 new cases on Saturday, the fourth largest globally.Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe also reported significant increases in cases over the past week, WHO’s top emergencies expert Mike Ryan told a news conference.center_img “Indigenous peoples often have a high burden of poverty, unemployment, malnutrition and both communicable and non-communicable diseases, making them more vulnerable,” Tedros said, adding that those in current epicenter the Americas were of particular concern.The WHO boss urged nations to take all necessary health precautions, with special emphasis on contact tracing.”We do not have to wait for a vaccine. We have to save lives now,” he said.Global infections stand at more than 14.5 million, according to a Reuters tally, with more than 600,000 deaths.The WHO welcomed news that AstraZeneca’s experimental vaccine was safe and produced an immune response in early-stage clinical trials in healthy volunteers.”We congratulate our colleagues for the progress they have made,” Ryan said. “This is a positive result, but there is a long way to go … We now need to move to large-scale trials.” last_img read more

Lady Bulldogs Fall Short To Lady Spartans In EIAC Play

first_imgThe Batesville Lady Bulldog softball team lost to Connersville last night by a score of 9-2.Connersville scored 4 runs in the first inning, 1 in the 3rd, 2 in the 4th, and 2 in the 6th. The Bulldogs scored a run in the 1st inning after Laker tripled to right center field and advanced home off a single by Obermeyer. They scored the 2nd run during the 7th inning after Obermeyer singled to center field and later advanced home on a squeeze bunt by Huffner.Connersville’s Ellis struck out 10 Bulldogs in her win.  Obermeyer suffered the loss for the Bulldogs giving up 7 earned runs. Defensvilly, Cornn finished the game with 5 put outs while Huffner ended with 4 assists. Obermeyer led the team at bat with 2 hits and an RBI. Laker finished with a hit (triple), while Oldham and Cornn also had a hit each. Huffner finished with an RBI bunt.The Bulldogs improved over their 5 inning, 3-13 loss at Connersville earlier in the season.Next up – Milan at home tonight with a 5:30 start.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Randy Obermeyer.last_img read more

John Terry – What they said

first_img The former England captain has had a remarkable career at Stamford Bridge and made his 696th appearance for the Blues in their 5-1 FA Cup win at MK Dons on Sunday. Here, Press Association Sport looks at the quotes from Terry’s managers, former team-mates and rivals during his career. John Terry has announced he will leave Chelsea at the end of the season after the club decided not to offer him a new contract. Fabio Capello on the decision to strip Terry of the England captaincy following the accusation he racially abused Anton Ferdinand in 2011. Terry was cleared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court of making a racist insult to Ferdinand but was later banned for four games and fined £220,000 by a Football Association independent regulatory commission. “I fought for John to be able to come back and play but they (the Football Association) said ‘no you can’t decide about the player, you need to wait for the court decision’ and I said ‘Why?’ But they had already decided before I asked.” Rio Ferdinand, in his autobiography, on his broken relationship with Terry following the racism allegation. “I no longer talk to him, but even three years later I find it impossible to forgive or forget the pain he put my family through.” But Ferdinand said last year he still admired Terry as a player, despite their issues. “Just because we no longer get on does not mean I’ve lost my admiration for him as a footballer. His performances for Chelsea this season have been nothing short of outstanding and I’m not afraid to say it. John took the decision to retire from playing for England and had his reasons, but Chelsea are reaping the benefits.” Ex-Chelsea and England team-mate Frank Lampard on the criticism Terry received during the Blues’ poor start to this season. “He’s Mr Chelsea. You either take those things on the chin and stay part of the club – and that’s how he’ll take it – or you move on.” England manager Roy Hodgson ruled out an international return for Terry in 2014. “John has retired and as far as I am concerned that is the situation. We have got along without him for the whole of the qualification and a few friendlies as well so we will have to get along without him in the future.” Didier Drogba, in his autobiography, on his first impressions of Terry after arriving at Chelsea in 2004. “I noticed a tall, strong guy who looked so young, and who walked and carried himself in such a way that I assumed he was from the reserves. Towards the end of the session I asked another player who the young guy was. ‘It’s the captain!’ he replied, laughing. ‘John Terry.'” Ex-Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho insisted this season he still had faith in Terry after their difficult start. “Last season he played every minute but two seasons ago he didn’t and three seasons ago even less. So what’s the problem? He’s a player of my total confidence. I trust him as always and he’s one of my men.” Chelsea interim boss Guus Hiddink, speaking earlier in January, was prepared to provide a glowing reference if asked his opinion on whether Terry should stay on next term. “If I say what I’m saying now, spontaneously out of my heart, then you can imagine what I think. His commitment is huge for this team and for the club.” Former Chelsea boss Luiz Felipe Scolari once quipped Terry would never be dragged off the field. “For John Terry, dying on the field would be glory. You would need to kill him and maybe even then he would still play.” Press Associationlast_img read more

2 students arrested after allegedly bringing guns to North Miami K-8 school

first_imgTwo middle school students have been arrested after they allegedly brought an unloaded handgun and a BB gun to a school in North Miami.The Miami-Dade County Public Schools has reported that the students were at a park next to the school.The firearms were found near the Benjamin Franklin K-8 Center on Monday morning.The two students will be facing felony charges and face consequences from their school.Their first court appearance was on Tuesday.last_img

Coach says he’s pleased with football teams performance

first_img Latest Posts Latest posts by Hugh Bowden (see all) Like he did in the ’60s, Noel Paul Stookey sings out in troubling times – December 27, 2017 Is this the kind of government we deserve? – July 10, 2017 Though his team finished on the short end of a 48-8 score against the undefeated Mattanawcook Academy Lynx on Friday in Lincoln, Ellsworth-Sumner coach Duane Crawford was pleased with the Eagles’ overall performance.“We played really well,” said Crawford, noting that with a small squad, “our starters are out there for the whole game, and they play hard right to the end.”The Eagles lost the services of running back Deonta Linscott to an ankle injury in the first quarter.But Crawford reshaped the backfield with Michael York joining Michael Garland, “and they did a great job running the ball,” he said.This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textCrawford said Ellsworth-Sumner was knocking at the door for a touchdown in late in the second period, but ran out of time with the ball at Mattanawcook’s five-yard line.The touchdown for the Eagles came in the second half on a five-yard pass from quarterback Stephen Cowles to Wally Rumill, and Scott Parr ran the ball into the end zone for a two-point conversion.Cowles finished with 59 yards passing, 55 of those yards to Tyler Getchell, Garland led the team in rushing with 59 yards and York led the Eagle defense with five tackles.“For our special teams, it was the best we’ve ever played,” added Crawford. “Now we’re just hoping we can make it competitive against Mount View.”The Eagles will host the Mustangs Friday at 7 p.m.Find in-depth coverage of local news in The Ellsworth American. Subscribe digitally or in print.center_img Bio GSA surges in 4th to win Northern Maine title – February 26, 2017 Hugh BowdenExecutive EditorHugh writes editorials, covers Hancock County sports and helps out where needed in The American’s editorial department. When he’s not on the sidelines, he enjoys playing jazz and tennis. hbowden@ellsworthamerican.comlast_img read more

Iwobi Out as Nigerians Miss Final Shortlist for the Fourth Time…

first_img2018 CAF AWARDS*Oshoala, Ordega listed in women’s categoryDuro Ikhazuagbe with agency report Nigeria has missed out again in the final shortlist of three players in contention for the African Player of the Year award to be announced by CAF on January 8 in Dakar, Senegal.This is the fourth edition in a row no Nigerian player is considered worthy enough to make it to the final three despite on-fire Arsenal star, Alex Iwobi, who was in the second shortlist of 10 was dropped when Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced the final shortlist on New Year Day.Both Ahmed Musa and Odion Ighalo who were in the first shortlist of 33 along with Iwobi dropped out when the list was reduced to 10 before Iwobi and six others were snubbed yesterday.Expectedly, Egypt and Liverpool goal poacher, Mohamed Salah topped the list of final three men in contention for the coveted individual top prize in African football.Salah who was voted BBC African Player of the Year for the second time last December is highly favoured to retain the CAF honour he also won last year even as Iwobi’s Gabonese teammate at Arsenal, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, is also in the fray to deny the Egyptian the back-to-back feat.The third player in contention is Salah’s Senegalese teammate at Anfield, Sadio Mane.The award being sponsored by Nigeria’s oil and gas giants, Aiteo is going to hold in the slave-trade island of Gorée, two kilometres off the Atlantic Ocean coast of DakarExcept the unexpected happens Nigeria’s Asisat Oshoala is on the verge of winning a fourth CAF award having won the last three editions back-to-back. Before then, the Dilian Quanjian player in China’s women’s Super League had won it once.Oshoala has her fellow Super Falcons’ teammate, Francisca Ordega, to contend with. Banyana Banyana of South Africa’s Thembi Kgatlana is the third nominee in that category.While Oshoala and Falcons won the 2018 AWCON for the ninth time in Ghana, Kgatlana was voted the Most Valuable Player and top-scorer at the competition.Men’s African Player of the Year:Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon)Sadio Mane (Senegal)Mohamed Salah (Egypt)Women’s African Player of the Year:§ Thembi Kgatlana (South Africa)§ Francisca Ordega (Nigeria)§ Asisat Oshoala (Nigeria)Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

Dangote, BUA Commend NFF’s Transparency on Falcons’ Cash

first_imgFalcons Ogra said the NFF leadership had laid good grounds for corporate organizations to want to do business with the Federation with its transparency, integrity and accountability.The occasion took place on the same day that the NFF published in two major national newspapers, its audited account for the world to see.Both Dangote Group and BUA have since transferred the monies directly to the bank accounts of the players and officials of the Super Falcons.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Two big voices within Corporate Nigeria have thumbed up the Nigeria Football Federation for display of transparency with regards to the N50million and N25million windfalls from both organizations to the Super Falcons, following the team’s triumph at the Women Africa Cup of Nations in Ghana early last month.At a special event honouring the Federation’s sponsors and partners and the Super Falcons in Lagos, Mr. Olakunle Alake (Group Managing Director, Dangote Industries) and Otega Ogra (Group Head, Corporate Communications of BUA) and Tajudeen Ahmed (Group Head, Business Development of BUA) lauded the decision by the NFF to have the monies transferred directly to the beneficiaries.“We asked to transfer the money directly to the NFF but the leadership opted for direct payment to the players and officials. That was a most commendable decision. They sent us the account details of all the beneficiaries and we applaud such diligence and integrity,” said Alake.last_img read more

Quarterback Jones will not sign with Syracuse, has no offer from Orange

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on February 8, 2013 at 4:15 pm Contact Chris: | @chris_iseman Miami quarterback Akeem Jones will not be joining the Orange despite reports he would be signing his Letter of Intent with Syracuse.The Post-Standard reported Thursday that Syracuse offered a scholarship to Jones, a 6-foot-3, 200-pound quarterback from Miami Carol City High School, and that he would to sign his Letter of Intent as soon as his mother arrived in Florida. Jones did take an official visit to SU.But on Friday, and the Post-Standard reported Jones never had an offer from the Orange’s coaching staff, and SU never sent him a Letter of Intent for him to sign.The signings of quarterback Mitch Kimble and Austin Wilson meant that Jones no longer fit into Syracuse’s plans.There was an apparent miscommunication that led to the confusion surrounding Jones’ status with the Orange. also reported Friday that Syracuse’s recruiting class will remain at 19 signees.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text Commentslast_img read more

Annenberg manager moonlights as magician

first_imgWhen students at the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism check out equipment from Jim Yoder, the audio-visual technologies manager, they might be greeted by a card trick. After all, Yoder has been practicing magic since he was 8 years old.Most people  find their passions when they are young, and Yoder was no exception. He became interested in magic after he started to watch a TV show called The Magic Land of Allakazam.“Everybody that is anybody in magic at my age grew up watching this show,” Yoder said. “I watched it every Saturday morning until it went off the air.”Yoder pursued his childhood dream of becoming a magician by becoming a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, an exclusive magicians-only club that boasts more than 5,000 members, for 14 years. Members include Mark Wilson, the star from Yoder’s favorite TV show, as well as celebrities including David Copperfield and Neil Patrick Harris. The Academy meets at their clubhouse, the Magic Castle, in Hollywood, Calif.Yoder began developing his skill in magic through the help of multiple mentors that he has had since he started practicing magic.“The tricks that I [do] represent several years of my life,” Yoder said.Yoder was even able to meet and befriend his longtime idol, Wilson, through the Academy 15 years ago.“It really and truly was so neat,” Yoder said. “I can’t even describe how it is to meet some icon that you’ve always looked up to.”Magicians categorize illusions into close-up, parlor magic and stage magic. Yoder’s favorite type is stage magic, especially large illusion tricks such as sawing a woman in half or tricks involving animals.“Producing doves from anywhere has always been a fascinating thing to me,” Yoder said. “[It’s] the most fascinating magic in the world because from nothing you produce something that is more than just there — it’s living and flying.”Though Yoder does have the title of a magician, he does not perform professionally. Other than occasionally performing tricks for his students, he prefers to work behind the scenes, as a wizard behind the curtain.“My true magical expertise is in ‘staging’ magic,” Yoder said. “I design lighting, soundscapes and staging for magicians. The staging of a magic show is often as important as the performance of the illusions.”Yoder says he helps the performing magician misdirect the audience by controlling the scenic, lighting and audio elements in the show. He is also responsible for helping with the Academy’s annual awards show.To Yoder, the most rewarding aspect of performing is when the audience asks how a trick was done.“It’s music to my ears,” Yoder said. “If I can fool you, then I’ve successfully done the trick.”Chelsea Johnson, a senior majoring in critical studies, says she is intrigued by watching Yoder in action.“It was just fun just to watch him because he has so much joy [performing the trick],” Johnson said. “My reactions to his tricks are just complete awe. I just have no idea how he did it and he’s very smooth with it.”To Yoder, learning how to practice magic has not made it any less magical — if anything, it has enhanced his life even more.“To me, life is fascinating  —  life just in general is magic,” Yoder said. “What magic does is that it allows me to impart some of that onto whoever wishes to see it.”last_img read more