Xining Municipal Health Bureau to carry out pre holiday food safety supervision and protection work

in order to further strengthen food safety supervision in 2010 before the Spring Festival, to crack down on illegal food production and management, ensure the safety of food hygiene during the holiday season, according to the Xining municipal government and the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Safety Coordination Committee, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau seriously arrangements during the festival of catering industry food safety supervision, health supervision departments at all levels in January 15, 2010 in Xining City, all kinds of catering units of the inspection work before the spring festival. As of now, the city has dispatched health inspectors 1388 passengers, vehicles 198 times, check all kinds of catering units 8629 times. read more

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The province’s rural environmental remediation contiguous dress

Ecological protection first, with the "three zones" as the goal, comprehensively promote the comprehensive improvement of rural environment, and effectively solve the problems of farmers and herdsmen’s physical and mental health and sustainable development of agriculture and animal husbandry in the outstanding environmental issues. Recently, the province to develop a comprehensive coverage of rural environmental remediation full implementation of the program, a clear fight for the use of 3-5 years, the province will achieve full coverage of the rural environment contiguous remediation. read more

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Tao Heyuan approved to build national wetland park

for the Taohe River, Gansu people know more than the people of Qinghai, Tao river rises in our province, it has a vital role in the economic development of southern Gansu. The day before, the State Forestry Administration approved the establishment of Qinghai Tao Heyuan National Wetland Park, the wetland protection, restoration of wetland vegetation in Heyuan Tao, Tao River good water quality protection.


originated in the state of Huangnan province Henan County Xiqingshan Tao River, and the Huangshui River, is a tributary of the the Yellow River River upstream of the most important. At the same time, Tao River also known as floating fortress poems of the river, high adaptability, cen Shen, Wang Changling…… In the poet’s pen, it has been a layer of the cage on the tragic color. In the night before the "Tao Hebei, has been reported and tuguhun." In the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Changling’s "army", Tao River is a life and death fight battlefield. From ancient times, Tao River is a legendary river. read more

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Strive to re break

The four meeting of the

fifteen National People’s Congress yesterday opened

  – Wang Yubo made the government work report this year – Zou Jiansheng presided over and strive to achieve further breakthroughs – let the people constantly feel the profound changes brought by the masses – fine agreed to work for the government only standard – resolutely overcome the lazy way lazy   in the last year on the basis of being mediocre;

to stem the people most in need of the approval.

– Wang Yubo in the four session of the fifteen Congress of the "government work report" the development of positive energy 2012· digital · brilliant – year is expected to achieve GDP 84 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 14.1%; realize the public budget revenue 12 billion 270 million yuan, an increase of 20.4%; total wealth reached 19 billion 260 million yuan, up 23.5% -; local public budget revenue reached 5 billion 480 million yuan, an increase of 21%; the fiscal expenditure of 18 billion 530 million yuan, an increase of 23.5%; – fixed assets investment 70 billion 50 million yuan, an increase of 32.7%; – complete the total retail sales of social consumer goods 31 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 17%; urban residents per capita disposable income of 17585 yuan, an increase of 11%; – per capita net income farmers 7801 yuan, up 1 7.6%. An increase of GDP, public budget income, total retail sales of social consumer goods and other indicators were higher than the province’s 2.1, 2.2 and 1.4 percentage points, of which, GDP growth is expected to 6.4 percentage points higher than the national number, significantly improve the quality and efficiency of development. Highlights · colorful [highlights] a prominent project construction, investment pulling significant. [highlight two] to optimize the industrial structure, accelerate the transformation of development mode. [highlights three] co-ordinate urban and rural development, promote the three rural work. [highlights four] adhere to the planning first, the city’s appearance with each passing day. [highlights five] focus on the ecological environment, livable quality continues to improve. [highlights six] People’s social life, happiness index continues to improve. [highlights seven] to promote reform and opening up, the full implementation of fine management. [highlight eight] to strengthen democracy and the rule of law, government efficiency continues to improve. Count · breakthrough project work to achieve a major breakthrough in the implementation of various types of construction projects 809. Financing work; read more

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Up to now the total wage of migrant workers in Xining 44 million 640 thousand yuan

February 3rd from the municipal labor and Social Security Bureau learned that, as of now the Bureau of migrant workers wages 44 million 640 thousand yuan, to protect the legitimate interests of migrant workers.

since the winter of 2008, the municipal labor and Social Security Bureau in a timely manner to carry out special inspection activities instead of clearing the wages of migrant workers to the financial crisis, as prices of raw materials caused by engineering construction enterprises shall not in place may lead to arrears of wages for migrant workers in the serious adjustment analysis, farming organization construction enterprises have to actively work human, the timely development of unexpected mass incidents due to improvement of wage arrears problem may be caused by the emergency plan. Up to now, the city cleared the wages of migrant workers 44 million 640 thousand yuan, involving more than 8000 migrant workers. In this year’s restructuring process, 80% is from the real estate business, which is characterized by a huge amount of arrears, involving a large number of people, easily lead to unexpected events. In the formation of the Complaints Bureau, Construction Bureau, real estate bureau and other departments jointly co-ordination, restructuring the Qinghai Guanghui construction company owed more than 200 migrant workers wages 1 million 680 thousand yuan, Zhejiang Huaxia Construction Company owed more than 500 people about 5000000 yuan wages, Dongyang three built in more than 500 people 6 million 400 thousand yuan wages, arrears of wages of migrant workers will eventually arrive, to ensure that migrant workers on the eve of the Spring Festival is not due to wage arrears and stranded in Xining. read more

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The full implementation of the policy before the end of May the introduction of the detailed rules f

In May 27th, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, for urging the country to fully implement the provincial government’s "notice" on improving the temporary assistance system of the spirit, earnestly solve sudden and temporary difficulties of the masses, the basic life of the urgency of the difficulties, in May 19th, the provincial Civil Affairs Department issued "on the proper implementation of the interim relief policy notice", ensure that at the end of May before the full completion of the detailed rules for the implementation of the formulated work.
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Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics show that the first 4 months of the provincial price increase

May 15th, the Xining Municipal Statistics Bureau statistics show: from January to April, Xining city’s industrial production gradually stabilize rebound, strong growth in fixed asset investment, consumer market active, prices rose fell, the economy maintained steady growth trend.

production and marketing enterprises, the production and marketing rate of 99.23%. In addition, the park and non-public sectors of the city’s industrial growth.

rapid growth in investment and consumer demand. The expansion of the scale of investment in fixed assets, strong growth, investment grew by 43.63%. read more

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There are differences in the number of start-up companies in different stages

a lot of friends want to start their own business, the company must first have employees, how many people are many friends in the recruitment of the problem. A startup company, each stage needs many people, the problem is more complex, but a few days for most startups.

1.  co-founder of not more than 3 (unless the start is a star class project, similar to millet).

2.  in the absence of investment, if there are profitable business, the number of not more than 10, if there is no profit business, the number of not more than 5. read more

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Taobao entrepreneurs how to operate the Spring Festival


did Taobao business people should know about the new year when the shop’s business is not bad, if you want to engage in the Taobao business, this time of the year when Taobao shops should be most indifferent to the lowest, aiming at the special circumstances, we make some point before you may be able to help save customer.

1. identify the main points of the holiday, the most insurance money!

this year and in previous years, the biggest difference is the Chinese new year date very reliable, Valentine’s day and the Spring Festival are separated by just 4 days, the eve of the lunar calendar date is February 19th, so in our shop the shopkeeper, the year before the intensive activity is unparalleled in previous years, and for the new year by the time, but also directly affect the the effect of preheating spring clothing category. Therefore, store the shopkeeper to express time node, the date of issue have a clear understanding, which directly affects the sales of stores to promote the spring festival. read more

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What do you need to know about car accessories

many owners love to buy car accessories, let more comfortable driving, also let the space inside the car is more comfortable, but in the time of purchase, consumers also need to consider from many aspects, on the quality of products can not only pay attention to beautiful, more is to use from the point of view. Now let’s look at what we need to know about car accessories.

1, non fixed cushion risk

a large car accessories shop’s marketing department is responsible for that, the design of the car seats have been fully taken into account the driver’s safety and comfort, the design itself should comply with the principle of mechanics. If the cushion, pillow randomly inside placed, cervical vertebra is likely to harm the driver’s seat, and the driver can easily lead to instability in the body, when the emergency brake, which is easy to slip from the chair, lead to more serious consequences. read more

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Small business how to do a good job of network marketing

network marketing in the current era has been very common, however, want to make full use of this business strategy, while helping their own business, naturally also need to master the relevant skills. So, how to do a small business network marketing?

with the rapid development of the Internet, online and offline dual channel marketing has become a small business required operating mode. Online sales, or network marketing, now has a good market atmosphere, network trade, electronic payment to the development and perfection of facilities provided for it, but for the entrepreneurs themselves, should do what work, lay the foundation of network marketing? read more

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Tea tea how selected tea maker

with the growth of the global economy, people’s living standard has been a very good promotion, consumption concept has also been a big change, take Chinese, people for the consumption of food is not only limited to the feed level, but requires good food. For this beverage sales industry, tea demand unprecedented surge. Global tea market demand continues to rise, China’s tea market to grow at an annual rate of 20%-30%, the future of China will become one of the country’s largest tea consumption! With the improvement of people’s life, tea is not only for consumers to enjoy more refreshing thirst, is a taste, a kind of mood, a pleasant after high grade. read more

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Venture husband and wife files Valentine’s day also want to start a business together

today is the first day after the Spring Festival, also coincides with Valentine’s day. The bustling about entrepreneurs, how to spend this day? A pair of venture husband and wife, said that as long as the venture together, it is romantic enough.

"we do not specifically on Valentine’s day, because two people venture together every day, if Peigemoqi, every day can be as happy as the holidays." The seventh day coincides with Valentine’s day, husband and wife Liu Yongjia and van Peina entrepreneurial has already switched into work mode, in their eyes "do poineering work together is the most romantic thing". read more

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Do you know how to choose the wallpaper shop to attract consumers

with the development of society, people’s living environment is getting higher and higher, low carbon environmental protection has become the mainstream of people’s consumption, which brings great opportunities for the wallpaper industry. But do you know how to choose the wallpaper shop to attract consumers? Small series now for everyone to answer in detail.

now open a wallpaper stores is a good investment choice. If you want to make money in the wallpaper store, then in the early stages of the store should pay attention to good details, usually find a good shop location is the most critical part. The wallpaper stores how to choose a Feng Shui some entrepreneurs do not thoroughly understand. Small series in the following list of site conditions, can be used as a reference to the location of the wallpaper store necessary conditions. Let’s get together. read more

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