Temple library to cross-border layout overseas line Club

news March 18th, the day before, the temple library brand director Zhu Xiaoxuan revealed that the temple library development plan 2015 to billion state power network, and intelligent cross-border and said that this year will be the strategic focus of the temple library.

in the field of cross-border, temple Library in addition to the focus of development of overseas direct mail business, and actively expand the overseas products, the temple library will also rely on their own advantages in the overseas branch, a club in New York, South Korea, Milan, London and other places layout line. read more

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B2B industry website how to gather popularity

e-commerce era, how to use a lot of knowledge of the original industry to promote the search engine to enhance the rating of the site, which is a great learning. Many B2B industry portals very great importance to the industry information, forum, blog, etc., know the space community, which for the site of the original articles, user stickiness, brand visibility and influence, to create a search engine on the website of the rating will have a lot of impact.

use a large number of community gathered original industry knowledge read more

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May 2007 09 domain name deletion list


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 0051@vip.163.com 0516–83777726


brhb.cn   />edu01.cn
20dp.com / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

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Behind the business enterprise operation to change Dynasties

Li Guoqing from the Jingdong but by the end of 2012, to carry the "Bi Sheng" vertical electricity supplier is a false proposition ", in recent years, bad mouthing the sound has been in the business, there are many enterprises have become the development of the martyrs of the electricity supplier industry. The death of a point for the electricity supplier is not strange, however, the electricity supplier to change dynasties behind, frequently staged in operation.

on behalf of the enterprise: every guest read more

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Elephant condom Liu Kenan 90 entrepreneurs entrepreneurial logic

fourth 12 floor micro share invited "elephant" condom founder Liu Kenan, a very warm atmosphere, full of 150 people in the WeChat group as in the past.

our enthusiastic friends "ancient Jizhi" finishing the share of mad praise! Everyone in all aspects of our subsequent micro sharing are involved in the organization, when we can give everyone a display space, this is we enjoy the feast of the rhythm of


"you can look down upon our youth, we will prove that this is who’s age". This is Wei Chen’s "I speak for myself", used in the "elephant" condom founder Liu Kenan body, it is appropriate. read more

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GOV domain audit standards

A domain name registration applicant must be a government organ and its subordinate institutions, the nature of the unit shall be a legal person, legal person or other relevant institutions. Enterprise legal persons or legal persons can not apply for gov.cn domain name. Foreign government agencies and their offices within the territory of China can not apply for Gov domain name.

two domain name registration applicants are required to produce the copy of organization code certificate (a type of unit name and organization code, code card and IC card has the same effect).

1 institutions should show business legal person code certificate (or certificate of organization code, organization type: the cause of legal persons in the cause of the cause of illegal non legal person)

3 other government agencies should show the organization code certificate, organization type: other institutions

4 if the applicant fails to provide code certificate:

three name of the applicant, the name on the official seal of the registration documents and in accordance with the law (code name certificate) should be consistent. If the code card and the seal on the name of the unit does not match, should issue the corresponding proof material, according to the following conditions:

four for unit type for the legal authority, can be directly registered. Apply for the type of legal entity or other institutions, the need for approval to register. The authority to approve the domain name is as follows:
read more

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Dangdang double 11 Henzhao electric monkey, cat and dog war

every year, double eleven is the bayonet fighting war, Tmall, Jingdong, Dangdang turns into a price war to fight awfully. In previous years, the double eleven is almost synonymous with "discount", Ali Tmall set the tone, Dangdang, the Jingdong to follow suit, but this year there is a new weather, have played a different card.

has just changed the subject, put forward the "dare Dangdang" new slogan, "Dangdang new monkey" image of Dangdang, the 15 anniversary of the hit "row 15 days" shocking slogan, words and stressed that the two eleven "more than 50 percent off, more than one day, apparently to use a new play again the definition of double eleven. An electricity supplier industry "monkey, cat and dog" war is open, "Dangdang monkey" make Jingdong and Tmall, reminiscent of the monkey king havoc feat. read more

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U.S. mission Wang Xing entrepreneurship to do what the user needs

Group founder, Mr. Wang Xing CEO guest NetEase finance. Wang Xing graduated from Tsinghua University. The famous website was founded the school, at home, no meal etc..

in the past 20 years, China has been from the computer and mobile phones as the representative of the baptism of the two wave of information, and now, China’s Internet penetration has just reached 20%. In 2010 second in twenty-first Century 10 years, the deep changes of the times, the information revolution gave such a group of people the opportunity, these are not known for its founder wealth upstart, but they created the service, the genuineness of modern Chinese lifestyle change. This generation of entrepreneurs distinctive characteristics: bear high pressure, hard work, creativity, tolerance, good at learning, modest, confident public conscience. Let us stand on their shoulders, looked up to see the change of click into place. read more

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Global domain name registration and reference price

Universal English international domain name description of the type of price / year.COM/.NET/.ORG commercial character limit / network / non profit 68 yuan 2-63 /.INFO/.BIZ business information service 68 yuan 3-63.NAME personal domain name 180 yuan 3-63.TRAVEL tourism industry 1200 yuan 3-63.Mobi mobile phone domain name 180 yuan 2-63.Asia 3-63.AERO Asian domain name 158 yuan aviation the domain name 1180 yuan 3-63.JOBS recruitment industry 1800 yuan 3-63 Chinese / Japanese international domain name domain name type price / year Chinese or Japanese.COM/.NET 80 yuan / 230 yuan Chinese Chinese Japanese.CC.CN 260 yuan / 290 yuan Chinese Chinese Japanese.TV.TW 390 yuan global general (National) English domain name type description price / character limit.A.AC 2-63.AE/.net.AE/.org.AE/.gov.AE/.pro.AE ascension 650 yuan in Arabia United Arab Emirates 2000 yuan 3-63.Com.AI/ .net.AI/.org.AI 1600 3-63.AG/.com.AG/.net.AG/.org.AG Anguilla Antigua and Barbuda 1500 yuan 2-63.AM America BRS Media 2-63.AO 780 yuan 3-63 Angola 12800 yuan.AT/.co.AT/.or.AT Austria 390 yuan 2-63 Argentina 1800 yuan 3-63.Com.AU/.Com.AR/.net.AR/.org.AR.Net.AU/.org.AU Australia 2-63.B.Com.BD/.net.BD/.org.BD 350 yuan 800 yuan in Bangladesh 3-63.BE Belgium 280 yuan 3-63.BY Belarus 1800 yuan 2-63.BS 3-63.Com.BR/.org.BR Brazil Bahamas 2000 yuan 2000 Yuan 4800 yuan 3-63.BI Burundi 3-63.BZ Belize 590 yuan 3-63.C.CA Canada 299 yuan 3-63.CC 3-63.CD the Cocos Islands 230 yuan 600 yuan in Congo 4-63.CL 3-63.CH in Chile, 2500 yuan 350 yuan 3-63 Switzerland.CM Cameroon 9000 yuan 2-63 .CN/.com.CN/.net.CN/.org.> read more

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Jingdong engage in one kilometer living circle bottleneck

is now the most fashionable concept, through the integration of resources online O2O offline, and the use of two-dimensional code, payment, map and other new technology tools, to provide more convenient and personalized experiences and services for users, to achieve two-way exchange of value and resources to get through…… Well, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Taiyuan Xiaodian District do not understand these, she has only two things to buy things: cheap + convenient.

Two days ago I heard read more

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7 ways to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees

Beijing on July 19th news, according to foreign media reports, or at least should be innovation is an important attribute of deeply rooted in tech start-ups in DNA. But as a founder, if your employees have to work 18 hours a day, then you have to ask him or her to play their own innovation, it will be very challenging. The following is given to the founders of the company to inspire staff enthusiasm for innovation 7 constructive suggestions:

1 set an example. An innovative enterprise needs to start from the founders and executives. Even the most creative founders can not rely solely on their own strength to promote innovation, it needs someone to lead. Tell your employees what they are doing (not just verbally), and make it a part of your everyday life, and let employees know that you value the value of innovation. read more

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Overweight are strategic Ali double eleven will sell Tesla

pay 50 thousand yuan deposit, will be able to catch up with the Alibaba double in the same day online grab car, but also the electric car tesla.

First Financial Daily reporters learned yesterday from the Alibaba, this year’s double eleven will be the first online selling cars, cooperative business is the world’s leading electric car brand tesla. It is understood that Tmall will become the domestic third party sales platform outside the first official website of the Tesla car sales model. read more

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T, J, S, G four tyrants battle winner is not by price winning

this week the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival and the mid autumn day on the occasion of National Day, taobao.com, Jingdong, Suning, Gome four business overlord will expand hard struggle before a few times can be said that the outcome is not divided, and in this I want to double the outcome should be announced, and from several users attention the degree and the degree of conversion: the price is not the only means to win, more important is honesty and service.

said Jingdong and Suning, more people think this is the price, I bought a mobile phone, first in the Jingdong at the price is 1699 yuan, to Suning price is 1699 yuan, can be said that the two store prices are almost, if you are a user you will choose to buy in any mall? Finally I chose to feel better and more thoughtful service users to comment on the website to buy, here is not to specify where to buy. From which we can see: respect for the user experience of the site is often able to get more user support. read more

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Tmall by the seller to ban Jingdong said the latter little impact

original title [Tmall by sellers to ban the latter said the impact of the Jingdong is not]

with summer approaching, businesses have started planning a wave of promotion, especially business platform heady in recent years, a variety of preferential activities emerge in an endless stream of tricks.

, however, recently some Tmall mall brand businesses has encountered a strange thing, they received a notice from the official mall platform, said the Jingdong must exit in store promotional activities, otherwise it will be subject to sanctions from Tmall". This is exactly why? Here is the domestic media for the event tracking reports. read more

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Buy a new trend to develop a farewell to a single model or into the mainstream


opened the door to the concept of group purchase from Groupon, the Internet society theory has gradually been confirmed, but the electronic commerce as the main force in the development of the Internet, from the early simple pure sales model to the course of today only a few years of popular group purchase, but also fully demonstrates the development trend of the Internet is more comprehensive into the social life. From the current development trend of view, group purchase mode as the milepost of the development of electronic commerce, this more closely into the social life will become one of the mainstream trend, China market almost 3000 of the group purchase website have competition status is the best proof. read more

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Sea fishing service articles customer service = consultant + technology + nanny


service, the word in the traditional industry, we are not unfamiliar, every one of us every day in the service and service, and in the Internet industry, the mysterious relationship between distant and close at hand, let the service become more mysterious and interesting. IDC service is the most basic Internet service industry, is the essential content in the virtual host or server or domain name, or CDN, the ultimate goal is to help users to establish a stable and healthy home network.

eight degree network as the country’s top ten IDC service providers, practitioners in the past nine years, serving hundreds of thousands of Internet users and businesses, saving a lot of user reputation. 2013, eight degree network CEO Liu Chuanyong once again pointed out that the service is the IDC industry’s only hand, only at the same time to grasp the two products and services, in order to long-term foothold on the. read more

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Baidu traffic assists honey bud black five is expected to brush sales record

Chongqing, Ningbo, Beijing, overseas direct mail, four large warehouses are different, in addition to diapers, powdered milk this kind of standard products, honey bud also an ample supply of daily necessities, Home Furnishing small, imported snacks and hot tip of goods. Honey bud CEO Liu Nan even to the warehouse PK code, "which… Just collect crazy" double 11 "package, Tmall, Amazon, Chinese international Jingdong global purchase, honey bud etc. large-scale cross-border electricity supplier once again set off a" black Friday "overseas shopping spree, which comes from Western shopping festival in Chinese, more complete the consumer focused on the fire a year on cross-border business. read more

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The new progress of the sheep its own brand can be traded for the old

[Abstract] Dangdang invested 200 million yuan to build an open platform for cashmere online, will spend $100 million to establish a sheep base in Inner Mongolia. Tencent technology month on November 4th reported

since mid October this year, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing (micro-blog) in micro-blog revealed Dangdang to protect sheep clothing, further upstream industry chain ", today, Dangdang announced its own brand of cashmere cashmere goods — Dangdang Premium shelves beginning.

Dangdang clothing division general manager Deng Yifei revealed that Dangdang’s own brand of cashmere varieties have a total of thousands of SKU, mainly concentrated in the early scarf, shawl, the future will also involve cashmere clothing and parenting, etc.. read more

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9 years of growth for the electricity supplier industry giant Taobao behind the gorgeous still threa

11th Five-Year, China’s e-commerce has maintained a good momentum of sustained and rapid development, the total transaction growth of nearly 2.5 times, in 2010 reached about $4 trillion and 500 billion. The endogenous power and innovation ability of e-commerce development is increasing, and it is entering a new stage of intensive innovation and rapid expansion. However, in this environment, is the group purchase fiasco, cool days and had to withdraw from the Jingdong will continue, more and more investors began to tighten their purse strings, for fear of China electricity supplier industry moment burn his money. But when everyone in front of the China electric shilly-shally, Ma with his Taobao but realize the ambition. read more

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Double 11 Ma forthright brush under the first single Ning Zetao TV debut Wanna date me

invited 39 countries envoys on behalf of the platform, this year the main global buy global sell, "

Tmall double 11

wanted at home and abroad to "cut the hand" and "buy buy buy"

reporter Zhuang Zhengyue


yesterday, Alibaba in the group of Hangzhou Xixi Park, 39 ambassadors representing national group and Alibaba chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun, Alibaba and Alibaba Zhang Yong group CEO Group CEO Mike · Evans, Tmall jointly launched the 2015 "double 11" global carnival, online shopping for the upcoming war hard crying. read more

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