n 2015, the ten maxims for entrepreneurs, life is not the best time

when the opportunity comes, people often can not see her face, perhaps when she with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, walked, found the opportunity, at this time to catch too late, because of her bare back, what did not.

Thailand cast a statue of the goddess of opportunity, the goddess can not see the face, especially behind the bare, nothing. Indicates when the opportunity comes, people often can not see her face, perhaps when she with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, walked, found the opportunity, at this time to catch too late, because of her bare back, what did not. read more

O2O four quadrant, which entrepreneurs should enter

Abstract: in 2015, O2O is China entrepreneurs most excitement of the year. The O2O market has not yet hematopoietic ability, has been touted investment institutions and bunkers. In promoting the waves of capital under a subversive O2O competition boom.

just past 2015, the O2O market of O2O entrepreneurial projects raging like a storm, it also Bo Xing Yan, its sudden fall. One side is the finance news, BAT big O2O field layout; while the collapse of frequent news Starving people fill the land.. O2O in just a year has gone from everyone sought to live down the street rat, and suddenly you bigwigs into the eyes of the meat and potatoes, is one of the business model most people cannot read. read more

Grassroots Webmaster nternet entrepreneurship 500 thousand annual history of bitterness


Hello, I am Li Wenzhong, is an Internet entrepreneur grassroots webmaster, in the past since the school has been eight years, and access to the Internet is sixth years, my company now has its own network, team ten people, mainly to undertake small and medium-sized enterprises website construction, art design, promotion and other services from the network, business entities and. In my circle of friends, I can be regarded as a more successful entrepreneurs, but in the Internet entrepreneurial team, far from success. I write this article, dedicated to the same day as I am on the Internet in order to realize their dreams and hard work. read more

Whether the content of entrepreneurship has been harvested from the media to blossom everywhere in t

mobile Internet in the spring, the effect of the brand through the mobile Internet port traffic oriented, thus transforming into a fan of the economy has become the most popular way to achieve a commercial. And there are a lot of companies trying to promote the form of soft products, so as to achieve commercial realization. However, under the background of the Internet mode of operation, with the introduction of the relevant Internet advertising law, if you simply rely on the realization of the flow of soft text has become almost the lowest level tasteless marketing means. read more

Lei Jun China’s entrepreneurial market lack of executive power is not short of ideas, allowing entre

Abstract: Lei Jun was in a public speech to share their own investment experience, that is "not familiar with investment" and "investment". He said that the investment is only the acquaintance of acquaintances and acquaintances of these two levels of relationship, and only voted not to vote. "I don’t care what you are doing, I think in China, in today’s China venture market, the lack of execution rather than ideas.


angel investment

in fact, as early as 2004 that success will be transferred to the Amazon Excellence Lei Jun completed the transition from entrepreneurs to angel investors. To 2010 this time in 2008, resigned from the post of CEO Jinshan Lei as an angel investor, a portfolio of some 20 companies, including joyo.com, VANCL, Kara, the Great Wall, UC, Youshi play, Le Amoy and cattle, almost all of these companies in all aspects of good development and established his position in their respective fields. 2014, Lei Jun is selected for the first time the top 50 venture investors Forbes China rankings, ranked twenty-sixth. read more

Chen Danian 16 years of entrepreneurship, am deeply aware of the hard work can be successful is wr

1, founded grand

more than and 10 years ago, and I (Note: the famous investor, Harvard Center responsible person) just know, Shanda also has just started, then we average working time per day for nearly 15 hours a year, only about seven days of rest. We grew up with the traditional success education, such as the "rich" people for having heard it many times, "the reason for my success is other people’s time to drink coffee for learning", and "leaders must take the lead" and so on, and we have been in this state of mind at work. read more

Haier U+ hit off the contest to decide the winner of the top three to create innovative service plat

November 24, 2016, Beijing Shangri-la Hotel Wuhan, Haier U+ in the second quarter hit off the contest awards ceremony, Haier U+ industry association leaders, experts, the public record industry leaders, venture capital institutions, incubators, guests and media representatives who once again gathered to witness the grand occasion Newell U+, Haier U+ hit off the dream bloom the second season contest finals and awards ceremony".

the contest started since July, which lasted 5 months, toured Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai City, through the sea pole network for passenger There was no parallel in history. reached 11117 people, 221 submissions, staged a scene of wisdom and dreams of the fierce collision. The preliminary selected 100 projects, of which 20 projects successfully qualify for the finals. After a competition, the final clean Wyatt enjoy intelligent sleep pillow won the Championship Grand Prix, KOSIIM intelligent skin care and other 3 projects, Tai Po three-dimensional air purifiers and other 10 projects, the runner up and second runner up respectively. In the coming days, they will become a member of the Haier U+ platform ecosystem, and Haier U+ share the prosperity of the Internet of things. read more

Through the 9 years of every day sounds from October 1st will stop service

Abstract: everyday sounds app can still continue to use in the future, but only as a stand-alone player, can not get networking services.


] titanium media has been called the "Saipan essential" everyday sounds, finally ushered in the farewell. Recently, everyday sounds, small shrimp Music App start page appeared on the "October 1st TTPOD service will be stopped, Thanksgiving together through the years of the announcement.

sounds every day in the future can still continue to use app, but only as a stand-alone player, can not get networking services. read more

Zhou Hongyi encourage individuals to come up with a 10% stake in the venture to find partners

Zhou Hongyi

Phoenix Technology News January 27th news, yesterday in the Qihoo 360’s annual meeting, chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi announced that the company decided to come up with 10% of the shares from the individual shares in search of partners, rewards become technical backbone, partner’s core members, 360 employees to encourage internal entrepreneurship.

Zhou Hongyi said in his speech, which includes 10% of the shares of the stock market in the course of the delisting of the buyer group for the issuance of additional shares of the Zhou Hongyi, as well as 360 of the shares held by individuals of the shares of the company of 1% of the shares of the company by the time of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of. read more

Art dimension C the realization of art lovers community from the incremental market

upgrade from the consumer to see the environment, the art market has two for the crowd, one is the investment and collection of people, one is the consumer groups. The former belongs to a small group of people, the investment group also showed a downward trend; the latter trading off a low price, high frequency, 20% of the annual growth of trade. Thus, doing art investment and collection is actually the stock market business; do art consumption, more need to start from the cultivation of consumer habits, is the incremental market. read more