YAHOO push SmartAds platform for non search display advertising sales

      according to foreign media reports, on Monday, the United States Yahoo Corp launched a display advertising procurement tool that allows advertisers to target ads targeted for more targeted audience.

YAHOO this system is called "SmartAds", the system is mainly for non search display advertising sales.

according to this tool, advertisers will be able to browse the web according to the age, gender, geographic location and online behavior released highly targeted advertising. read more

Taobao should not continue to insist on doing it


passenger should do on? Believe this problem is a very significant problem, why do you say that? I recently saw every day to the forum when people will talk out the problem, of course, I am no exception, because I do not have a month, this is true is for me and the other guest a big blow. I found a group of customer service of our mom last night, I asked him, can you help me to check my PID there is no single out, wait after he asked me, say you can do something else? Taobao guest is really hard to do! I suddenly thought, even Ali shocked! Mother call said that to me, then I would not give a death sentence? Mother who called Amoy to do something else? I have no more than a month single, already not what mood, did not think he said so, it seems to me this is a hit! I think, I should continue to do? Do not continue to do before they are rubbish failure, I also don’t deceive you, actually I do Taobao off a year to earn 1000 yuan, which for other Taobao customers master is simply a joke, I see other people is money I really don’t want to give up really reconciled!!! Why can others I can not, then more than 10 just men, I saw them dedicated to music from my VCR inside, no matter how much they hit the wall, no matter how they judge the difference they will continue to improve and don’t give up put not to shake, he is always optimistic face. Some of them may be all sorts of reasons can not read music, but they did not give up their pursuit of music, I really think I saw much worse than them, encourage them to me so much, I think I will continue to go down as he did. Please don’t give up, continue to go because we are a man with a dream. read more

Hangzhou Venture Street is about to open the street, Hangzhou to become the third center of the nati

said the national business center, non capital belong to Beijing, Beijing business center in Zhongguancun venture street. In the 220 meter long Zhongguancun Venture Street, filled with a variety of entrepreneurial services, institutional investors and incubators, every day to the Zhongguancun Venture Street looking for investment, entrepreneurial learning experiences of people in a continuous line, even Premier Li Keqiang also went to Zhongguancun Venture Street inspection, this once let Zhongguancun Venture Street become a famous tourist attractions in Beijing the. read more

Didi founder Cheng Wei about the history of Entrepreneurship drops is to pass through

"after the idea of entrepreneurship, I consulted the people around, all people say not fly. But this is normal, this is the first venture, only to pull this off can be successful. At the beginning (2011, the driver master, the smart phone has not yet universal), everyone told me that the driver did not even have a smart phone, do not think of the idea of a taxi software……"


titanium media drops and fast, a hitherto unknown China in the history of the Internet burn war in 2014, and then again in 2015 with lightning. To outsiders, it’s like a dream. But in the process of CEO drops dimensional view, it is natural to hard work and after. read more

Six tips for prospective entrepreneurs do not blindly jump into the circle


/ A to Ara


April 1st, on-line to raise public shareholding in the Jingdong conference, CEO Liu Qiangdong launched to support grassroots entrepreneurship "multi-creation University"; not long ago, the former focused on commercial real estate Vanke Beijing area CEO Mao Daqing, is also the construction of real estate business incubator and the organic combination; in February this year, aimed at promoting the development of emerging industries Nanjing "321 talent plan" started in 2015 "Double Plan" reporting…… read more

Social, part-time, finance from the end of the campus internet entrepreneurs, who can compete in the

Abstract: school means the upcoming all user groups to college students as the school enterprise, also means that in this field has not been a winner in the war and there will be an invisible gun smoke take cities and seize territory. Therefore, combing the five major projects of the campus project, I hope to start from here, the construction of Campus Internet puzzle.

went to the high school students to stay up late to copy the work, the long time to meet the college students to meet the school season. School means the upcoming all user groups to college students as the school enterprise, also means that in this field has not been a winner in the war and there will be an invisible gun smoke take cities and seize territory. While 7 million of college students are not only the parents and children of the school, but also become the object of competition for each enterprise, which is springing up from all sectors of the university students can be seen out of the project. There is also a very interesting, most of these students compete for market enterprises CEO is just graduated or even leave school business 90, typical students earn money is still a college student. The high degree of similarity of each project in the author seems to have a certain degree of the market at this stage to show the purpose of clarity and future direction of entrepreneurship is not clear. Therefore, combing the five major projects of the campus project, I hope to start from here, the construction of Campus Internet puzzle. read more

Gem second largest market value of shares as LETV resume trading today

suspension after nearly six months, the gem second largest market share of the music network will resume trading on June 3rd. After LETV on May 6th evening announcement, intends to 9 billion 800 million yuan acquisition of 100% stake LETV pictures. Announcements, LETV May 12th received the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of inquiry after the reorganization, the company has been in accordance with the requirements listed on the letter of inquiry made a written explanation. After application, the company shares will be June 3rd opening date for the resumption of trading. read more

Blued to C are gay social financing round to see gold mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore bisexual

Abstract: changes in the concept of gender and social networking has brought about the possibility of detonation. With the opening of society and culture, "sexual needs" is no longer an open topic. The wider population, the more open sex, the more advanced technology, from all angles, both sexes have a bright future.

era of the Internet economy has an obvious characteristic, city first king of the flag particularly fast: after one year, O2O has been cultivated as a spent force, now just red is live, VR, AI, seems to stick on the valuation of these words immediately doubled. Huge strangers social market is also advancing with the times, entrepreneurs are no longer mention O2O, specifically VR blind date, live social…… The noisy you Changba me play, fought to the pit. read more

17 year old girl Wang Kaixin entrepreneurial story to do the largest youth electricity supplier plat

(magic department store founder and CEO Wang Kaixin)

DoNews December 21st news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) 17 year old Wang Kai Xin, produced for the first time the idea of entrepreneurship is hear their female students, after complaining about not buy the right clothes online. "I want to buy the kind of personality, Meng Meng cartoon characters wearing clothes, but in the Taobao search on the Jingdong, too much trouble, we can buy things faster and better where?"

Wang Kai was 16 years old, was reading high school. And students, she also like online shopping. Every day after class time, they will spend a lot of time on the electronic business platform Amoy treasure. But it’s too hard to find what you like, and sometimes it takes hours to get a personalized, two dimensional style. read more