Torrado: “I came to ask for a test to play in Europe”

first_imgTorrado started in the year 2000 in Tenerife, then went through the Polideportivo Ejido, Sevilla and Racing de Santander at a decisive moment in his career in which he established himself as one of the best midfielders in Mexico, participating in three World Cups .How do you see your time in Spain so long after?It was enriching what I experienced in Spanish football. I came to Tenerife by chipping stone, they did not come looking for me, I came to ask for a test to be able to play in European football. I valued everything and took advantage of every moment.How do you remember the signing with the Ejido?I earned the chance to play with them and I am grateful that my career because of the gentlemen’s agreement in Mexico could have been cut short there. They opened the doors for me so that I could continue playing and that catapulted me to later sign for Sevilla and finish my European adventure at Racing Santander.What was the hardest part of being a foreign player in Spain?The hardest thing was after having promoted with Tenerife. Despite having started in 38 of 42 games, I did not find a place in another club, which meant one of the most important challenges I experienced in my career.It was difficult to turn everything around and find a team that trusted me; continue working even though I could not play. That made me resilient. It was also hard to be at Sevilla and they will take the card from me because of the foreign position. I decided not to quit and continue training, despite not playing.How did you take on those days?They helped me to appreciate the environment in which I grew up, I spent many days alone and always remembered where I saw and the values ​​that were instilled in me. It was valuable to realize how lucky I had been, then I had the opportunity to go to Santander, play again and feel like a footballer, useful in a team.How was the deal with the Spanish?The Spanish footballer is very professional, I have seen that throughout my career. I had a good relationship with Luis García when we played in Tenerife, with Mista, with Pablo Alfaro, Javier Casquero, David Charcos, Curro Torres, Pierre Cherubino and others. I was fortunate to have good colleagues, excellent people like Rafa Benítez and Ramón Planes, who gave me the opportunity at Santander, and with whom I have a good friendship.How did playing in Spain influence you as a person? In addition to the friendships I was able to cultivate, I met many people from other countries. I had the opportunity to study marketing. In Seville I met people from outside soccer, something valuable. and I appreciated the experience of knowing a different culture. The diet, although similar to that of Mexico, was different.Did you figure out that you would have had better contracts if you had stayed in Mexico?I never saw it as a matter of money. I always saw it as a way to fulfill my dream and show myself that I had the ability to play in a competitive league like the Spanish one. When you do it without looking for the money at the end everything turns around and you are compensated by other sides.I was compensated in having good friends, living a culture that I did not know, knowing places that I would not have known if I had not been there. Then I returned to Mexico and had a good contract. One thing is not at odds with the other. Many people will say that I spent years in which I could make more money, but I saw it as an investment, I was able to polish my football, find people who enriched me and know other things.Was it difficult for you to accept the withdrawal?It was a duel that I experienced as a footballer and as a person. Throughout childhood, adolescence and youth I played soccer. It was a 20-year career and when I left it, the mat moved me. I was grateful for what he touched me; I always came up with the idea of ​​giving myself as much as possible to the institution that I trust and contributed with commitment.How do you think the transfers will change after COVID-19?We will have to see how the situation evolves and how the economies of this global pandemic are recovering. See how the relationship of the clubs with sponsors will be, how the television rights will continue and based on that the clubs will determine how much money they have to invest in signing. We don’t know that now, especially when you are outside an institution.Now many repeat that soccer players earn a lot and doctors little. How do you see that?All professions are important. When there is a World Cup it is the soccer players who generate the expectation and entertainment for all people. Today it is the doctors who will determine where we have to go and what the processes will be to get ahead of the pandemic all together. All professions are worthy and at some point they become relevant.Messi, to give an example, is a footballer of international stature, decisive in his team and his team. He generates a lot of economic profit, the market is willing to pay.Keep training?I like to do exercises. I don’t do it as an obligation, but I enjoy it. I do functional exercises, I have a pulley at home, kettlebells, dumbbells, I do push-ups, bars, I don’t like running, but I do jump rope. I like to ride a mountain bike, it is one of the things that I could not do when playing. Every time I can I take a trip to some mountain to experience the adrenaline. I also play tennis.How do you see his life about to turn 41?I can say that I sleep peacefully. The things I wanted to do as a footballer I did. I achieved the dreams I had as a boy, I was able to represent my country in the World Cup, in one of them I scored a goal, and I am fortunate to have a beautiful family with which to grow, share and now educate three children’s jewels that I have. The Mexican Gerardo Torrado, who played in Spanish soccer between 2000 and 2005, assured this Sunday that Trying out in Laliga, it was an enriching experience because it “smashed stone” in the Second Division and grew until reaching Sevilla and Racing Santander.last_img read more

Revoke appointment of other ‘Ministerial Advisers’ – Tiwari tells President

first_img…Granger says Tiwari does not determine his policy BY EDWARD LAYNELocal businessman Brian Tiwari has broken his silence and came out swinging at President DavidPresident David GrangerGranger and sections of the print media, including his cousin, publisher of the tabloid Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall, over his appointment as Ministerial Adviser on Business Development to Minister of State Joseph Harmon, which was widely reported in the local press after Kaieteur News reported that the appointment of Tiwari was to advise the Minister of Business and not just Harmon.Tiwari, Managing Director of construction conglomerate BK International, in a strongly worded statement said based on his business acumen, Harmon’s decision to appoint him was legitimate. Implicitly addressing charges that Tiwari was “opportunistic” the statement asserted Tiwari’s “relationship with Harmon predated APNU, general elections and his appointment as minister”.Revoke similar appointmentsHe added he was providing his services pro bono and reminded that several ministers, including Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo have made similar appointments, however, those appointments did not attract any “sustained campaign and public outcry.”“Maybe in the interest of fairness the President should revoke all of those too and for the very reason given when he acted impulsively in revoking the appointment at a time when Minister Harmon was out of theBrian Tiwaricountry.  It may well be that in quieter time the President may have an opportunity to reflect upon the propriety of impulsive decision making,” the businessman said.PolicyMeanwhile, President David Granger told media operatives on Monday evening that he will not be responding to the businessman.“I won’t respond to Mr Tiwari and Mr Tiwari does not determine my policy.”Internal power struggleTiwari believes that the fact Harmon is “rightfully perceived as quiet, powerful and influential… is what has provoked the struggle for power, for influence, for turf.”“The truth of the matter is that a political struggle is underway between various elements in high places and the Tiwari so called appointment is being used by many to achieve their objectives. We strongly believe that when politicians are at war, they must avoid dragging in innocent parties, unrelated to their apparent power struggles,” the statement added.The businessman also took to task the state-owned Guyana Chronicle and the privately-owned Stabroek News and the tabloid-like Kaieteur News.Tiwari believes that Kaieteur News focusing much attention on his appointment is part of a personal vendetta of its publisher Lall against Tiwari.It said Kaieteur News and Guyana Chronicle have been waging their campaign of fabrications uninterruptedly, while Stabroek News fell into the trap with its editorial of April 4,, 2016 repeated the lies being peddled by Chronicle and Kaieteur News.“As it relates to this issue and others, the Kaieteur News and the Guyana Chronicle have practiced gutter journalism and have taken the posture of the purveyors of fascist propaganda,” Tiwari said.China tripTiwari clarified that his trip to China for private business, which happened to coincide with Minister Harmon’s official visit to the emerging economic super power.“We acknowledge that they travelled together, but not withstanding this reality, each had his own business to transact.  We find absolutely nothing wrong with that,” the statement said.  The statement said that BK International and Tiwari are ‘good corporate citizens’, and supporters of the present government, who in the interest of Guyana’s development, have every right to do so.“BK International will continue to support the Government as it has recently done in the matter of Durban Park development. All Guyanese, all businessmen and all companies have a right to contribute to public projects if they so wish. This is not a crime. This is not corruption. It is called patriotism,” it stated.Meanwhile, the construction conglomerate asserted that it will continue to firmly support any efforts of the government to counter and/or stamp out corrupt practices which have in the past adversely affected its own operations and threatened its existence.“If there is evidence of our involvement otherwise, we charge that it be provided openly and publically and honestly,” the statement said.The appointment of Tiwari back in January 2016 which was made public last month has since attracted widespread criticisms from many quarters.Harmon and the government were labelled “corrupt” by local transparency watchdog Transparency Institute Guyana Incorporated (TIGI), a label which was quickly refuted by President Granger.Since taking to office, Minister Harmon has been one of the most proactive and competent ministers within the APNU/AFC administration and has been a target of many, including the Kaieteur News’ vendetta because of his association with businessman Brian Tiwari, the cousin Lall, publisher of that newspaper.It is also believed that campaign against Minister Harmon was also orchestrated by members of the AFC, the smaller party in the APNU/AFC coalition.last_img read more

Grievance, Ethics C’ttee to Investigate Motion for Cllrs. Sims’, Cephus’ Recusal

first_imgCllrs. Cephus and Johnson (left) attentively listen to the reading of Chief Justice Korkpor’s ruling. -Proceedings adjourned for 3 daysA motion by lawyers representing embattled Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, requesting the recusal of Cllrs. Albert Sims and Semah Cyrenius Cephus from the ongoing impeachment trial, has been turned over to the Grievance and Ethics Committee for investigation.“Until full investigation is conducted, it will not be proper to say that any individual lawyer, whether on the side of Justice Ja’neh or on the side of the House of Representatives, is guilty of the accusation to warrant their removal from the trial of this case; therefore, the order that the trial proceed is hereby ordered,” Chief Justice Francis Saye Korkpor ruled at the preliminary hearing on February 20, 2019.Cllr. Arthur Johnson, one of the counselors representing Associate Justice Ja’neh, objected to the representation of Cllrs. Albert Sims and Cyrenius Cephus, who are representing the House of Representatives.Cllr. Johnson argued that Cllr. Simms, as a member of the Sherman and Sherman Law Firm, participated in the Austin Clarke Case, which is one of the reasons for which Justice Ja’neh is being impeached. “Therefore, according to the Ja’neh, it amounts to a conflict of interest and a violation of the moral and ethical standard of lawyers for Cllr. Simms to participate in this proceeding on the side of the House of Representatives.”With respect to Cllr. Cephus, Ja’neh asserted that he is a deputy minister at the Ministry of Agriculture, which is of the Executive Branch of the Liberian government; and that his presence at this hearing, unless specifically authorized by the President of Liberia, amounts to a conflict of interest and a breach of the Code of Conduct.In his resistance, Cllr. Cephus contested that the application was done in bad faith; and with regard to the issue raised against Cllr Simms, he clarified that the Austin Clarke case is not one of the cases for which Justice Ja’neh is being impeached.Cllr. Cephus said that the report for which the amended petition for impeachment is attached will show that the number of charges originally levied against Justice Ja’neh was reduced to four and that the Austin Clarke case is not one of the four matters for which Justice Ja’neh is now being impeached.With respect to his (Cephus’) participation, the respondent argued that the counselor has committed no violation of the Code of Conduct and of the ethical rule of lawyers.The respondents intimated that, assuming that Cllr. Cephus can be held for conflict of interest and the violation of the ethical code of counselors, “then, in that case, Counselor Johnson himself representing Justice Ja’neh should not participate in this case, because that will make him conflicted in that he served as lawyer with the Johnson & Simpson Law offices in the Austin Clarke case.”In the same manner, the House of Representative’s lawyers further charged that Counselor Amara Sheriff will be considered conflicted because he had worked with the Sherman & Sherman Law offices at the time of the Austin Clarke case. “Similarly, respondents said that Counselor Johnny Momo should also not participate in this proceeding as he, too, served with the Sherman & Sherman Law Offices at the time of the Austin Clarke case.”Cllr. Cephus also charged that Cllr. Johnson is the lawyer for Ecobank, which is involved in the Austin Clarke case.In his ruling statement, Chief Justice Korkpor acknowledged listening to the points raised, which he asserted are basically charges of misconduct, breach of ethical standards and violation of the code of conduct of lawyers.“From the onset of this proceeding, we are on record to say that the presumption of innocence flows throughout this proceeding; accusations and counter-accusations of violation of professional ethics need to be fully investigated before a decision is taken that the individual lawyers accused are guilty,” Chief Justice Korkpor intimated. He ruled that the accusations and counter-accusations will be passed to the Grievance and Ethics Committee for proper investigation.“Until a full investigation is completed, it will not be proper to say that any individual lawyer, whether on the side of the Movant or on the side of the Respondent, is guilty of the accusation to warrant their removal from the trial of this case. Therefore, we order that the trial be proceeded…”Meanwhile, Chief Justice Korkpor, yesterday, announced adjournment of the trial for three days and that all documents requested by Associate Justice Ja’neh’s lawyers regarding the trial be submitted.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

American businesswoman robbed

first_imgAmerican businesswoman Audrey Ryan became another victim of the recent spate of armed robberies plaguing Guyana when a gunman snatched her handbag containing more than $250,000 in valuables in a daring daylight attack committed at Thomas Street, Georgetown on Monday. Guyana Times understands that the 54-year-old businesswoman was reportedly traced from a city bank to which she had gone to conduct a transaction. She was making her way to a medical facility at about 11:15h, and was on Thomas Street, between Middle and New Market Streets — in the passageway, about to head into the facility — when the lone gunman approached and robbed her.The bandit snatched the dark grey bag she was carrying on her shoulder, which contained a Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phone valued at $80,000; another Samsung Galaxy mobile phone valued at $120,000; a Blu mobile phone valued at $36,000; hard drive valued at $16,000; her American passport, and her United States driver’s licence. Besides, the grey bag is valued at $30,000.Police have since disclosed that after the bandit had robbed the businesswoman, he fled into an awaiting motorcar allegedly driven by an accomplice. The car’s registration number has since been made known to the Police. Investigations are continuing.last_img read more

Huskies sweep Exhibition Series over Cold Lake Junior B Ice

first_imgThis would be the Huskies second win of the series with a final record of 2-0.Huskies Manager, Jeremy Clothier, says he feels quite comfortable that his team will do well once the regular season starts.“I’m pretty comfortable, we have 15 or 16 returning guys, and a handful from the Trackers moving up, so we’re off to a good start.”The Huskies’ first game of the regular season will be on the road to Grande Prairie on September 20 as they take on the JDA County Kings, while the first home game for the Huskies will be on September 28 as they host the Sexsmith Vipers at the North Peace Arena.Advertisement FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Huskies were host to the Cold Lake Junior B Ice in the second game of the NWJHL Exhibition Series on Sunday afternoon at the North Peace Arena.Throughout most of the first period, it looked like it would be scoreless but that would change as, at 1:10 remaining in the frame, Dean Whitcomb would score a goal on Cold Lake making the score 1-0. Assists were made by Oscar Burgess and Nils Nemec.Then in the second frame, the Huskies would hold the lead with one goal for most of the period until Cold Lake would score with 20 seconds remaining, tying the score at one apiece.- Advertisement -In period three, the tie would not last as Oscar Burgess would score a goal at 3:08 into the frame, taking the lead 2-1 over Cold Lake. Cayden Frenette and Owen Floriant made the assists in that goal.Then at 8:49 remaining in the period, Cold Lake would tie the score again, this time at two apiece.A couple of minutes later, the Huskies would continue their winning streak by making two more goals and winning the game 4-2 over Cold Lake.Advertisement To see the full regular season schedule, you can visit the NWJHL’s website.last_img read more

One dead after ATV roll-over south of Tumbler Ridge

first_imgA 40 year-old Beaverlodge woman has been identified as the victim of an ATV accident late last week.Tumbler Ridge RCMP report responding to the scene on Friday morning, in the Mount Clifford area, south of Tumbler Ridge.Witness accounts of the accident indicate that the female driver, and a female passenger, were driving up a steep incline when the ATV overturned, ejecting the passenger, but trapping the driver underneath for a period of time.- Advertisement -Members of the ATV party provided emergency first aid and CPR to the female until STARS ambulance was able to attend.STARS personnel then attempted to revive the woman, but she was determined to be deceased, likely as a result of blunt trauma injuries sustained from the roll-over.Tumbler Ridge RCMP with the assistance of Ridge Rotors Helicopter Service removed the body from the scene and transported the deceased to Tumbler Ridge Medical Clinic for examination by the BC Coroner’s Service.Advertisement Further investigation by the BC Coroner’s Service is being conducted.The deceased has been identified as Gaye-Lynne Westad of Beaverlodge, Alberta.This map shows the approximate location of the accident near Mount CliffordView Tumbler Ridge ATV Accident in a larger mapAdvertisementlast_img read more

Chetwynd Hospital to experience temporary diversion over Labour Day weekend

first_imgCHETWYND, B.C. – Northern Health has issued a notice in regards to the operation of the Chetwynd Hospital this Labour Day weekend.According to Northern Health, the Chetwynd Hospital must go on diversion for 12 hours this weekend.Northern Health says this temporary suspension of emergency room services will be from 7:00 p.m. Sunday, September 1 to 7:00 a.m. Monday, September 2, and is due to a lack of available registered nursing staff.- Advertisement -During this time, community members requiring urgent medical care are asked to call 9-1-1 for ambulance assistance or to make their way to the nearest hospital of their choice.People who need non-emergency health advice and information can call HealthLink BC at 8-1-1, or visit read more

Symons in limbo as Fulham manager decision drags on

first_img Fulham caretaker manager Kit Symons 1 Fulham caretaker boss Kit Symons is hopeful a decision is close over whether he is the right man to lead the club forward on a permanent basis.The Craven Cottage cult hero has been at the helm since Felix Magath’s sacking in September but the Fulham board have yet to decide who the full-time successor to the German will be.Symons has turned the fortunes around at the west London club as Fulham have taken 10 points from their last five Championship matches.“I just have to keep going. I want the job, that’s not going to change, hopefully I will get it soon,” he said ahead of the Whites’ home clash against London rivals Charlton on Friday night.“Until I am told otherwise I will keep my head down and keep working hard. I am loving every minute of it and long may it last.“There have been good discussions, I am trying to get my views across to the owner and he has been asking pertinent questions. Hopefully I can get across the way I want the football club to be run and be organised.”last_img read more

House Wine-Bar and Taproom to host Whiskey Masterclass

first_imgENTERTAINMENT: The fabulous House Wine-Bar and Taproom are hosting a Whiskey Masterclass tomorrow night. Whiskey lovers are being invited to attend the brilliant Master-class which gets underway at 7.30pm.Sue Glackin, Sales and Marketing Manager at Voodoo Venue told Donegal Daily, “The Whiskey Master-Class promises to be a great evening for those who would like to learn a little bit more about their favourite tipple and a great way to meet some new people. “You can learn the difference in Scotch, Irish and American whiskey’s & Bourban’s, as well as the ultra trendy Japanese whiskey’s, that are currently taking the market by storm.“€20 per person, will include, 3 tasting samples and 2 whiskey cocktails, as well as some nibbles, on the night.”If you’re interested in attending the event, then avoid disappointment and get booking NOW!Spaces are booking up fast, so call the office on 074-91-09815 – or message us via Facebook, to book your place NOW! House Wine-Bar and Taproom to host Whiskey Masterclass was last modified: August 29th, 2016 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:EntertainmentFeaturesHouse Wine Bar and TaproomnewsVoodoo VenueWhiskey Masterclasslast_img read more

Supreme Court reinstates exit exam for Class of 2006 seniors

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The California Supreme Court on Wednesday reinstated the state exit exam as a graduation requirement, but it was unclear whether the decision means 47,000 high school seniors who failed the test won’t graduate this year. The Supreme Court ordered the state Appeals Court to hold hearings in the case. This year’s class was the first in which passing the test of 10th grade English and eighth grade math and algebra was required for graduation. A group of students sued the state, claiming the test discriminates against low-income and minority students. On May 12, Alameda Superior Court Judge Robert Freedman invalidated the graduation requirement for the Class of 2006, saying California was ill equipped “to adequately prepare students to take the exam,” especially in poor, underfunded areas of the state. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBasketball roundup: Sierra Canyon, Birmingham set to face off in tournament quarterfinalslast_img read more