By the end of the year, Velika Gorica will have a Visitor Center

first_imgWork on the project of the Visitor Center of the Tourist Board of Velika Gorica continues in the summer months. The conceptual design of the multimedia exhibition has been submitted, and in two weeks the detailed design will be completed.The Visitor Center should open its doors to citizens by the end of the year, and the estimated total investment of the City and the Tourist Board until the complete completion of the facility, multimedia display and arrangement of the new pedestrian square in front of the Center is eight million kuna. “The visitor center will soon become the new home of the Tourist Board, but also a gathering place for the people of Velika Gorica and visitors to our city. More importantly, the construction of the Center is the first step in which we want to restore and revive the historic center of Velika Gorica” Mayor Dražen Barišić pointed out.In the main building of the Center, through a coordinated digital presentation of cultural tangible and intangible cultural heritage and oral recommendations of the Tourist Board, the visitor will get a picture of the tourist destination Turopolje, offered opportunities and time needed to experience Turopolje through all its potentials. “Modern presentation methods of digital technology will revive our wooden architecture, painting, music, tradition of the Noble Municipality of Turopolje, preserved natural wealth and way of life in Turopolje”, points out the director of the Tourist Board Milada Mesarić, who adds that the construction of this facility begins a new phase of development of the tourist destination.As the need for new tourist content is definitely needed, the data show that in the first six months there were 26 percent more tourists than last year.According to the eVisitor system, in the first six months of this year it was recorded growth of 25,94 percent (10.914) in arrivals and 17.05 post (17.696) growth of overnight stays compared to the same period last year. An increase in the number of tourist arrivals and overnight stays was also recorded during the pre-season June. Data for June 2017 show that the number of tourist arrivals increased by 22,49 percent (2.990 arrivals), while the number of overnight stays increased by 7 percent (4.054 overnight stays) compared to June 2016. In the mentioned period, there was an increase in the arrivals of foreign guests by 30,07 percent (1.959 arrivals) and a decrease in the arrivals of domestic guests by 0,9 percent (482 arrivals). The number of overnight stays of foreign guests increased by 1.45 percent (3.111 overnight stays), while the number of overnight stays of domestic guests increased by 32,25 percent (679 overnight stays).”The tourist travels in search of new knowledge, new experiences, new pleasures. That is why we can offer him a lot in Turopolje; from visits to valuable monuments of tangible cultural heritage, events on the theme of intangible cultural heritage, sports competitions, recreation and active stay in the vicinity of our rivers Sava, Odra and Kupa, to delicious local food and drinks”, Concludes Mesarić.Velika Gorica currently has a total of 350 beds, and at the beginning of 2017, 39 business entities were registered with a total of 36.419 tourist overnight stays last year, while this year the scale has been raised to 40.000 overnight stays. New accommodation capacities are also planned, especially the construction of the Garden Hill Hotel in Rakarska Street at the end of the year, which will make an even more significant step forward in the offer, and offer guests in Gorica top service and comfort.last_img read more