Suicide prevention seminar ‘Connecting for Life’ held in Donegal

first_imgBreaking the silence around the relationship between alcohol, self-harm and suicide was the focus of this year’s ‘Connecting for Life’ suicide prevention seminar which was held on Friday last in the Central Hotel, Donegal Town as part of Social Inclusion Week.The seminar which aims to build connections and share good practice in suicide prevention heard from Professor Siobhan O’Neill as she presented findings from research on suicidal behaviour and alcohol across the island of Ireland and explained the connections between suicide and alcohol use and transgenerational trauma.She focused on how alcohol is used to help people cope with trauma, and how it results in additional trauma and adversities, particularly in children, which then increases their risk of mental illness and suicide. Professor O’Neill believes that it is essential to have this conversation saying, “we need to have a conversation, as a society, about our use of alcohol and how it contributes to the problem of suicide and self-harm, particularly in young people.”Psychotherapist and Traveller activist, Thomas McCann explained how, as manager of the Traveller Counselling Service with members of the Traveller community for over 10 years, he has become acutely aware of the links between the historical trauma, poverty and exclusion experienced by the Traveller community.“For some, this has resulted in self-medicating with alcohol or other drugs” explained Thomas, “creating the space to have a wider conversation and a seminar on the topic of alcohol, self-harm and suicide is really useful in raising awareness of the issues and how these might be addressed. This is a really important discussion.”Kieran Doherty, CEO of the Alcohol Forum said: “This is a difficult topic. Alcohol is normalised in Irish society and for many, it is key to how we think about socialising and relaxing; so we are reluctant to look at the downsides; the fact that alcohol is chemically a depressant and that it is often used as a crutch, a coping mechanism or to self-medicate.” Research indicates that over half of all suicides and one in three incidents of self-harm in Ireland are alcohol-related.In her opening address Leas Cathaoirleach of Donegal County Council Cllr. Niamh Kennedy acknowledged that suicide is a deeply sensitive issue and but that there is an onus on all of us to have the conversation.“We all have a role to play in this, as politicians, as agencies, as communities and as individuals.  For instance, our own services as local authorities must be geared to support people with mental health issues and support people who are in a crisis whether it be through our housing services, by promoting social inclusion or through economic development and job creation.”The seminar also heard of the work being done in this area by Donegal Youth Council from Mayor Grainne Mc Glynn while Cora McAleer Mental Health Nursing outlined the services and supports available.Teresa McBrearty provided a valuable insight of her own personal journey and how through the Mpact programme she has been helped to overcome barriers in her life. Liam Ward, Donegal County Council performed master of ceremonies at the seminar and Anne Sheridan, HSE Mental Health Services concluded the seminar by confirming that feedback and information from the seminar will be considered by the Community and Services Implementation Group.Suicide prevention seminar ‘Connecting for Life’ held in Donegal was last modified: October 10th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Donegal County Councilsuicide awarenesslast_img read more

Geocoin –’s Lost & Found Video

first_imgMeet the man behind one of the most engaging evolutions in geocaching… the geocoin. Jon Stanley, alias Moun10bike, is now a Lackey.  But almost ten years ago he forged his way as a pioneer in geocaching.  Go along with Jon as he retraces his steps in placing the first geocoin.See all the Lost & Found videos, from a geocache in space to an 88 year old geocacher, here.Share with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedAn Open Letter to Groundspeak – from an 11-Year-Old GeocacherJanuary 21, 2011In “Community””Hammy” a Groundspeak Hamster Finds a New HomeJune 22, 2011In “Community”Geocoinfest 2011 – Europa: Travels with the World’s First GeocoinSeptember 14, 2011In “Community”last_img read more

Paul Schrader Discusses the Future of Entertainment

first_imgHear from industry vet Paul Schrader as he talks the future of Hollywood and oncoming demise of the multiplex.Paul Schrader, best known for writing such classic screenplays as Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, is also an accomplished director who recently helmed Dying of the Light starring Nicholas Cage and collaborated with author Bret Easton Ellis for The Canyons in 2013. Schrader recently spoke at an intimate venue at IFP’s Made in NY Media Center in Dumbo, Brooklyn about the state of the industry as he sees it.After working for decades in the industry, one might think Schrader would hold onto more traditional ways of working. In fact, Schrader’s wisdom revealed him more in line with Futurist rather than Luddite thought when he expounded on topics ranging from writerly advice to the changing future of entertainment.Schrader first addressed the construct of the two-hour feature film as an antiquated model in need of reinvention:The goal of a storyteller is not to invest in technology, it’s simply to use the best tools available. If we come up with a better hammer, we use that hammer. The vessel of audio-visual storytelling has changed totally. The notion of the theatrical two-hour experience is a 20th-century model they came up with about a hundred years ago for economic reasons. [At that time] people thought that movies were a projected image in a dark room in front of an audience. Maybe that’s what movies were, but they aren’t anymore.It’s finally now that we’ve broken away from the pillars of that 20th-century model. One pillar is length. To me, a Youtube cat video is a movie. So is Mad Men. One is four minutes long and one is about sixty hours long, but they’re both movies. [The second pillar is] economics. You can’t make your money showing in theaters, it’s just not there. [The third pillar is] the delivery system people prefer. [Other services compete against] getting me out of the house. The kind of movies people leave the house for are for something big, or something that is really benefitted by the communal experience. The reason can’t be, “here’s another movie like the one from last week.Schrader maintained this broken 20th-century model carries over to our conception of the dramatic three-act structure used for ages:The mechanism of the three-act drama has become so rustic. You can hear the gears clanking when you’re in the theater. People have seen so much audio-visual entertainment over the years. How many hours of drama did your father see? How many did his father see? By your 20s you’ve seen tens of thousands of hours of longform filmed drama, and it’s so old hat. Your father saw a fraction of that. How in the world can you get this mechanism alive?One answer may come in the form of recent strides in television:One of the beautiful things about episodic television is that it doesn’t have to climax in the third act. It can climax in the second, and the third act can be set up for next week. So we’re going back to a kind of one-reel mentality.One of the things I’m finding so restricting about screenplays is that the brutal 3-act structure is so boring. I’ve started thinking about telling stories in a new way. I was thinking, if Fellini were alive today, how would he tell La Dolce Vita? That’s about the nightlife of Rome. People come and go, it’s really kind of an episodic thing. I think he’d do it as a 3-hour web series. Each episode only has to work for ten minutes with four to five scenes, one pop at the end and then you’re out. So you’re no longer making a 3-course, 3-act dinner. You’re now doing canapes, hors d’oeuvres and tapas. You give someone a [little bite] and the next thing you know they’ve eaten 20 of them! It’s a different mentality.The way we’re reconsidering narrative is directly dependent on the way we now consume media. Schrader comments on its positive and negative aspects:You’re cruising through the media all the time, and it gets very, very stimulating. That’s the positive part. You’re getting all these peeks into hidden corners of worlds. And if you read something interesting, you say, “there’s a story in there.” And of course with Google, research is so fast.The negative is pretty heavy. The negative side is that it’s awfully hard to finish a book. I can’t watch a whole movie anymore without going outside at some point and checking my messages. It’s very hard to concentrate. I now go to a symphony in a way I never have before because I can’t listen to a symphony at home. I just can’t stand it. I don’t have the concentration and attention span to do it any more.This overwhelming sense of media fatigue now defines how we process stories. The fact that we are rewiring our brains with our technology [means] we can no longer have the same experience we might have a few years ago. We can no longer watch The Godfather. The reason they’re not making Chinatown today is that no one will watch it. It’s too slow, you know? I just feel this enormous media fatigue and I don’t know how, if I were a young person, I would combat this.Schrader hinted at the future of entertainment which might be found in the new generation that prefers to participate in their content.The great mystery of entertainment is audience participation. We have probably the most passive medium in the history of storytelling. You don’t have to do anything to watch a movie. You don’t even have to stay awake. You don’t have to turn a page, you just sit there, it just pours over you. In reaction to this we’re getting a generation that doesn’t like to be quite so passive. They like to play video games and tweet with their friends. They like to have another little screen on the top which is a reaction to a screen they’re watching. If they’re watching the World Series, they can pop up and see a clip of the batter from another game.The audience was quick to ask Schrader about his writing process, perhaps the aspect of the craft where he’s most seasoned. When asked who he selects to provide feedback on a finished draft of a script, Schrader said:The answer is anybody. “Anybody” doesn’t know how to read a script, but they do know how to hear a story, and that’s where it starts. So i’ll say to you, “Can I buy you a drink? I’m working on this idea and I want to tell you a story.” And I’ll tell you and watch you and read your reactions, change the story, redevelop it. I don’t really care what you say. I just care about your eye contact, your body language. And if you can tell a story for 45 minutes and keep somebody interested, you have a movie. If you have any concerns about that, after a half an hour go to the bathroom and come back and don’t finish the story. If they don’t say to you, “what happened then?” you know you’re in trouble.Your script should sing in the same way your oral presentation does. It’s a pitch. Some poor reader somewhere is going to bring home 8 scripts on Friday and that reader is going to get through two of them. You have to make sure yours is one of the two. I would be very wary of handing a script to somebody. First off, they’re going to lie. Second, they probably won’t even finish it. Thirdly, they’re going to blank out somewhere and miss whole sections of it, and you have no way to monitor how they’re reacting to it.I don’t think you should sit down and write a script until you’ve developed it in an oral fashion, told it multiple times, outlined and re-outlined it so much that you know this works. After you’ve told it at different lengths six or eight times, at some point the idea is going to say to you, “I’m dying.” And that’s your lucky day, because you’ve just saved yourself six months of a script you shouldn’t be writing.Or the idea will say to you, “Enough of this telling. We want to exist.” And then it will come. The moment an idea or a situation starts telling you, “I’m not happy,” the alarms and the buzzers should all go off.Schrader then further broke down his creative process:I write down every single scene. Usually there’s between 40-50 things which happen during a feature-length movie. And so you write them all down and now you’ve told this outline many times, you know the expositional pacing, you know the comic relief pacing, you know the action pacing. And then I predict how long each scene will be in terms of page count. If you’re operating on a roughly page-a-minute scheme, you’re looking for about a hundred to a hundred and five page script. And then you’re breaking it down.By the time you’re on scene 22, you know that’s going to take place at page 45 or 46. Now you’re writing, letting these scenes just live and pivot. You’re inhabiting them. Sometimes a scene gets a little longer than you want, sometimes a scene doesn’t have much gas, you thought it would be a three-page scene and it’s barely a two-page scene.Now you have your projected as well as your actual page count. If these numbers start to diverge, something’s gone wrong. And then you stop right then and there and say, “was I right during the outline stage and wrong on the script stage, or am I now catching it?” If I’m now catching it I need to re-outline, recalibrate, and get myself back into sync so I’m back on the rails again.Schrader warned against being arrogant about your memory, to remember to write solutions to scenes so you can sit down and write them the following day. But one of the most resonant pieces of advice was also a simple one: disable the Internet, even if it means going through fits of withdrawal.I’m a binge writer. Wait, wait wait and then boom, every day for three to four weeks in a row and then I’m done. Real writers write every day. The rule of thumb is that you should write ninety minutes every day, even if you’re only writing correspondence. You can’t get out of shape. Just like an athlete, you have to do it every single day. Real writers who write novels and longform stuff believe in the sanctity of the room, and they lock themselves into it. If you want to be a real writer and not a binge writer, you really have to get that kind of discipline. You have to force yourself.Whether you’re an aspiring, binge, or serious writer, Schrader’s words provide excellent insight into the creative process. Just remember to turn off that router.last_img read more

Odisha Cong. gears up for polls

first_imgBuoyed by the return of Niranjan Patnaik as president of the Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee along with three working presidents, the party has started gearing up for the next year’s simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly polls in the State.The Congress leaders are working overtime not only to retain their party’s number two position in the State by blocking the Bharatiya Janata Party but also to take on the ruling Biju Janata Dal in a big way. The saffron party had emerged number two in the Zilla Parishad elections in 2017.The new team of leaders has already initiated a series of measures to strengthen the party organisation at the grassroots level. In a recent meeting of district presidents, the party decided to dismantle block level committees and strengthen Zilla Parishad zones as new organisational blocks.At the end of the two-day deliberations, Mr. Patnaik has made it clear that those leaders who are working with the people in rural areas will be given tickets to contest the next elections. Indiscipline will not be tolerated in the party and leaders having grievances should raise the issue in party forum instead of going to the media, he has said.Mr. Patnaik, who has already appointed presidents and working presidents in as many as 28 of the 33 organisational districts, is now planning to organise massive rallies in all districts to galvanise the party workers up to the booth level. He along with the party in-charge of Odisha has also visited all districts to activate the district units.last_img read more

Voting begins for Dantewada Assembly bypoll in Chhattisgarh

first_imgVoting for the bypoll to the Naxal-affected Dantewada Assembly constituency began on Monday morning amid tight security. The bypoll was necessitated due to the death of BJP MLA Bhima Mandavi in a Naxal attack in April. Polling began at 7 am and it will go on till 3 pm, an election official said here. A total of 1,88,263 voters, including 89,747 men and 98,876 women, are eligible to exercise their franchise in the constituency, which has 273 polling stations. A massive security blanket of around 18,000 personnel, including those from paramilitary forces, and drones have been thrown around the Dantewada Assembly segment, which is part of the insurgency-hit Bastar region, for conducting peaceful polling, a police official said. The counting of votes will be taken up on September 27. Nine candidates are in the fray for the seat, the only one in Bastar division that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) managed to win in last year’s Assembly election. Both the ruling Congress and the BJP have fielded candidates who have been victims of Naxal violence, with the former pitting Devti Karma, wife of senior party leader Mahendra Karma who was killed in the Jhiram Valley attack in 2013, against the latter’s Ojaswi Mandavi, wife of slain MLA Bhima Mandavi. The other candidates are Hemant Poyam (Bahujan Samaj Party), Sujit Karma (Janata Congress Chhattisgarh (J)), Bhimsen Mandavi (Communist Party of India), Ajay Nag (Nationalist Congress Party), Ballu Ram Bhawani (Aam Aadmi Party), Yogesh Markam (Gondwana Gantantra Party) and Independent Sudru Ram Kunjam. Stakes are high for the main opposition BJP as it is fighting to retain the seat. In the 2018 Assembly polls, Devti Karma had lost to Bhima Mandavi by a thin margin of 2,172 votes in the Dantewada seat. In the 90-member state Assembly, the Congress won 68 seats last year and the BJP 15. The Janata Congress Chhattisgarh (J) and the BSP had bagged five and two seats respectively.last_img read more

Atletico Madrid win thrilling shootout to reach Champions League quarters

first_imgAtletico Madrid celebrated like they had won the trophy after reaching the Champions League quarterfinals by edging past PSV Eindhoven 8-7 on penalties on Tuesday following 210 goalless minutes in their last-16 tie.Juanfran converted the winning spotkick at the Vicente Calderon Stadium, before ripping off his shirt and charging to celebrate wildly with the home fans after the two sides became the first to end a Champions League knockout match 0-0 on aggregate.It took 16 kicks to finally produce a winner with Luciano Narsingh hitting the crossbar with PSV’s eighth effort before Juanfran coolly delivered for his side. Atletico are into the last eight for third successive year, having also needed penalties to beat Bayer Leverkusen last season.The Spanish side, runners-up in 2014, had home advantage in Tuesdays second leg after drawing in the Netherlands but were kept in check by a disciplined defensive display from the Dutch champions.Atletico should have gone ahead after 15 minutes when Koke set up Antoine Griezmann, but PSV goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet blocked his low shot with a fine reflex save from 10 metres.Zoet denied Griezmann again when he beat away the Atletico forward’s goal-bound header from point-blank range in a first half of few chances.PSV looked for opportunities on the counter-attack and Luuk de Jong missed a chance for the Dutch champions just before the break.PSV were more adventurous in the second half, however, and came closest to breaking the deadlock in the 58th minute when Jurgen Locadias shot from the left was pushed onto the post by Atletico goalkeeper Jan Oblak.advertisementAtletico defender Filipe Luis then reacted quickly to prevent De Jong from scoring on the rebound.Just after the hour mark, Zoet blocked an effort from Filipe Luis and the rebound fell for Yannick Carrasco, who shot wildly over the bar.Substitute Fernando Torres led Atleticos attacking efforts in the second half spurning two half-chances before he had a firm left-footed shot from an acute angle palmed onto the crossbar by Zoet in the 87th minute.Lucas Hernandez headed over in extra time after finding himself unmarked from a corner and Atletico captain Gabi wasted a free kick on the edge of the PSV penalty area, but the hosts could not find a way through.last_img read more

Champions League: Dele Alli shines as Tottenham stun champions Real Madrid

first_imgDele Alli condemned Champions League holders Real Madrid to a horrendous Wembley debut with two goals as Tottenham Hotspur reached the last 16 with a stunning 3-1 victory on Wednesday.The 21-year-old England midfielder, making his first appearance in this year’s competition after serving a three-game ban, scored either side of halftime on a memorable night for Mauricio Pochettino’s team.Christian Eriksen was also on target for Tottenham as they proved far superior to end Madrid’s 30-match unbeaten run in Champions League group play.Cristiano Ronaldo replied for Zinedine Zidane’s side but it was in vain as Tottenham sealed a first win in six attempts against the Spanish champions who will face more criticism after falling eight points behind Barcelona in La Liga.Tottenham lead Group H with 10 points with Real on seven, followed by Borussia Dortmund and Apoel Nicosia who have two each after a draw in Germany.”We are starting to believe in our potential and quality,” Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino, whose side failed to negotiate the group phase last year, told reporters.”This win makes us more visible and is something that everyone around Europe will have noticed.”Twelve-times champions Real should still qualify but manager Zidane admitted his side were in a rut after the weekend’s defeat at Girona and now a chastening night at Wembley.”It’s a hard defeat to take but it was against a team who played very well and deserved to win,” he said. “We were not able to come up with a response and we are not happy about it.”advertisementBuoyed by their impressive 1-1 draw in the Bernabeu two weeks ago Tottenham began at a high tempo and dominated the opening 20 minutes against a pensive Madrid.Harry Kane, declared fit after missing his side’s weekend loss at Manchester United with a hamstring strain, should have done better with an attempted chip over Real keeper Kiko Casilla who was deputising for injured Keylor Navas.Tottenham right back Kieran Trippier was a constant menace down the right and his first-time volleyed cross caused panic in the Real defence – a portent of things to come for Real.FORAY FORWARDThe hosts suffered a blow when central defender Toby Alderweireld’s evening was cut short as he pulled up with a hamstring injury after a foray forward.Moussa Sissoko replaced him with Eric Dier dropping into defence but it did not slow Tottenham’s momentum as they deservedly went ahead five minutes later.Harry Winks picked out Trippier racing down the right and his volleyed cross found Alli to prod home.Real responded with Casemiro and Ronaldo testing Hugo Lloris but Tottenham should have increased their lead before halftime when Sissoko mis-kicked in front of goal from another Trippier cut back and Kane’s goalbound shot was blocked by Sergio Ramos.A single-goal lead looked vulnerable against the defending champions but Tottenham doubled it nine minutes after the break with Alli sending the Wembley crowd into raptures.The England midfielder was allowed to advance goalwards and his shot deflected off Ramos’s back to completely wrong-foot Casilla.Real, who had lost only one of their last 22 European fixtures, swarmed forward trying to salvage something but their night took a turn for the worse when Tottenham counter-attacked in devastating fashion in the 65th minute, Alli finding Kane who picked out Eriksen to calmly slot home.Ronaldo fired home his sixth goal in this year’s competition to set up a frantic last 10 minutes but Tottenham held firm to avenge their quarter-final defeat by Real in 2011.last_img read more

England vs Costa Rica: TV, stream & preview

first_imgEngland v Costa Rica England vs Costa Rica: TV channel, live stream, squad news & preview Ryan Kelly Last updated 1 year ago 14:05 6/7/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(1) Harry Kane England 2017-18 Getty Images England v Costa Rica England Costa Rica Friendlies The Three Lions will hope to arrive in Russia clutching a convincing victory under their belts as they prepare for a send-off in Leeds England conclude their World Cup warm-up schedule when they face off against fellow World Cup-bound side Costa Rica at Elland Road in Leeds.Gareth Southgate’s side come into the game on the back of a 2-1 victory over Nigeria and they will be looking for a similar result as they look to arrive in Russia on a high.The win over Nigeria stretched the Three Lions’ unbeaten run to nine games, a streak that also includes draws against Brazil, Germany and Italy, as well as a win over the Netherlands. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Goalkeeper crisis! Walker to the rescue but City sweating on Ederson injury ahead of Liverpool clash Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp Sorry, Cristiano! Pjanic is Juventus’ most important player right now Los Ticos also come into the game full of confidence, having defeated Northern Ireland 3-0 in San Jose over the weekend, and they have one final friendly to go – against Belgium – before embarking on their own World Cup odyssey. Game England vs Costa Rica Date Thursday, June 7 Time 8:00pm BST / 3:00pm ET Stream (US only) fubo TV (7-day free trial) TV Channel, Live Stream & How To Watch In the United States (US), the game can be watched live and on-demand with fuboTV (7-day free trial). New users can sign up for a free seven-day trial of the live sports streaming service, which can be accessed via iOS, Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV as well as on a web browser. US TV channel Online stream FOX Sports 1 fubo TV (7-day free trial) In the United Kingdom (UK), the game can be watched live on TV on ITV or streamed live online using the ITV Player. UK TV channel Online stream ITV ITV Player Squads & Team News Position England players Goalkeepers Pickford, Pope, Butland Defenders Walker, Rose, Stones, Maguire, Trippier, Cahill, Jones, Delph, Young, Alexander-Arnold Midfielders Dier, Lingard, Henderson, Alli, Loftus-Cheek Forwards Kane, Sterling, Vardy, Welbeck, Rashford Having played Jordan Pickford for the entirety of the game against Nigeria, Southgate has indicated that Jack Butland will play against Costa Rica.With a fully fit squad to choose from, there is likely to be experimentation elsewhere on the pitch as the Three Lions boss figures out the best approach for Russia.Potential England XI: Butland; Walker, Stones, Maguire; Rose, Alexander-Arnold, Dier, Henderson, Alli; Sterling, Kane. Position Costa Rica players Goalkeepers Navas, Pemberton, Moreira Defenders Acosta, Gonzalez, Smith, Duarte, Oviedo, Calvo, Gamboa, Waston, Matarrita Midfielders Borges, Bolanos, Colindres, Wallace, Azofeifa, Tejeda, Guzman Forwards Campbell, Ruiz, Venegas, Urena Costa Rica’s squad for the World Cup was confirmed on June 4 and there are plenty of talented figures within Oscar Ramirez’s 23-man panel, including Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas.Navas was taken off after just 35 minutes in the win over Northern Ireland, but should be fit to feature against England. Otherwise, Leonel Moreira could get the nod.In attack, Arsenal winger Joel Campbell offers a potent threat alongside captain Bryan Ruiz.Potential Costa Rica XI: Navas; Acosta, Gonzalez, Duarte; Oviedo, Gamboa, Guzman, Borges, Campbell, Colindres; Ruiz. Betting & Match Odds England are 4/11 favourites to win the match according to dabblebet, with Costa Rica commanding odds of 15/2. A draw between the teams is a 10/3 bet.Click here to see all of dabblebet’s offers for the game, including goalscoring markets, correct score predictions and more. Match Preview Raheem Sterling England 2018England’s clash against Costa Rica is the last chance for Southgate to run the rule over his squad ahead of their opening World Cup game against Tunisia, which takes place 11 days later.Naturally enough, the strutiny has begun to intensify on his panel, with the controversy over Raheem Sterling’s tattoo and Danny Rose’s concerns over racism already taking the focus away from what’s happening on the pitch, so the Three Lions boss will have to work hard to ensure the players keep their eyes on the prize.And, with places in the starting XI still ostensibly up for grabs they will have to remain tuned in for the visit of Costa Rica, who are sure to provide a suitably stern test before things get serious.Los Ticos made light work of Michael O’Neill’s workmanlike Northern Ireland in their last outing and also claimed victory over Scotland back in March, so they appear to be well matched with England, but their form has been erratic, with defeats to Spain, Hungary and Tunisia also blotting their recent record.The result of the game will ultimately pale into insigificance come June 18 in Volgograd and the chief concern for Southgate will be for his players to come through the exercise unscathed, but primed for battle.last_img read more