Former TCI Premier calls for demonstration and resignations

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, August 2, 2017 – Providenciales – Former Premier Michael Misick is the latest to issue a media statement about the escalating violent crime which is threatening the TCIs, safe destination reputation and says,  “the British could care less about what is happening here but just want to hang on to us for the strategic importance of having prime real estate 500 miles away from the US.”    The comment is followed by another demand, by Misick for the Police Commissioner to resign and for him to be replaced by a Turks and Caicos Islander.Michael Misick believes it is wrong for the top three police officers of the islands to all be foreign and said the current administration, led by Sharlene Robinson is not strong or assertive enough, he says.   “Our country is going through the worst crisis we have ever gone through, one that if not contained immediately will cost us our economy and livelihood.”In the meanwhile, the leader, referring to Premier Robinson is nowhere to be found.   Michael Misick also believes the public should have been demonstrating and demanding for Governor, Premier and Commissioner to resign.    The former premier, who is on trial for alleged corruption also bemoans the cost of the trial, which he contends is senseless.  He said the price tag is $2M per month of public funds and so far, spent is $100M for “the prosecution is getting rich on the backs of our country and its outstanding, upstanding, law abiding citizens.”Misick said the money would be better used on CCTV, boats, planes, helicopters and other equipment to fight crime.   The 2017 election candidate is calling for a march to end the talk and take action to take the country back from the British, the gunmen, the illegal immigrants and from the Grace Bay Boys.#MagneticMediaNews#Misickcallsfordemonstrationsandresignations Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:#magneticmedianews, #Misickcallsfordemonstrationsandresignationslast_img read more

Gig companies urging their workers to protest Lorena Gonzalezs AB5 bill

first_img Mike McKinnon III Mike McKinnon III, Categories: Local San Diego News, Politics Tags: Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher FacebookTwitter Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez’s bill, AB5, has already passed the state assembly but has many concerned about the impact on their personal pay, and company expenses.The bill “creates a presumption that a worker who performs services for a hirer is an employee for purposes of claims for wages and benefits arising under wage orders issued by the Industrial Welfare Commission. Existing law requires a 3-part test, commonly known as the “ABC” test, to establish that a worker is an independent contractor for those purposes.”The bill continues, “This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to codify the decision in the Dynamex case and clarify its application. The bill would provide that the factors of the “ABC” test be applied in order to determine the status of a worker as an employee or independent contractor for all provisions of the Labor Code and the Unemployment Insurance Code.”Many gig companies are worried that this change of having independent contractors become employees would destroy their business models. They fear the increased cost of an employee versus a contractor would cause layoffs and the contractors fear losing their schedules flexibility and a decrease in pay.The bill’s author, Lorena Gonzalez, claims the independent contractors will greatly benefit from becoming employees.Uber and Lyft are some of the biggest and well known companies that hire independent contractors instead of employees. Gig companies like these have been warning workers they would lose the flexibility if Gonzalez’s AB5 is signed into law.The Los Angeles Times reported Monday that drivers for Uber and Lyft who attended the July 9 rally in Sacramento were promised $25 to $100 to cover their “travel, parking, and time,” to be paid within five days of the event. The money came from the I’m Independent Coalition—a group funded by the California Chamber of Commerce, several other professional and trade groups, as well as companies—which also helped organize the rally, according to the paper.The top executives from Uber and Lyft published an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle that pointed out the major differences of gig work and the “forced schedules of rigid and hourly shifts of traditional.Although ride sharing companies are the most well known to hire independent contractors, many other occupations like tattoo artists, hair stylists, photographers, fitness trainers and more prefer to work as independent contractors instead of employees.This video from February 28, 2019 shows a group of exotic dancers protesting Gonzalez’s bill with signs saying things like, “Make Stripping Great Again.” More information on that protest can be seen here. Posted: July 16, 2019center_img July 16, 2019 Gig companies urging their workers to protest Lorena Gonzalez’s AB5 bill Updated: 4:08 PMlast_img read more