Taobao guest 2014, what did you get

in the twinkling of an eye 2014 flew off, chase catch up, quietly thinking, 2014 leave what to us? I think the 2014 harvest what? In addition to age year, rose a little weight, long hair a little bit at the beginning of a driver’s license won the hand, life like other harvest no, can not help but sigh and wasted a year of youth.

but the lack of success in my job is a simple summary of my 2014 in a few small ways.


as Taobao guest moderator, I am honored to say that I have harvested a large number of friends, not only businessmen, Taobao customers, from the media and so on. read more

The survival of local property networks

station is also nearly 2 years, she had a decent local real estate net, Zhuzhou real estate information network, from the beginning of the IP on a digit to the present day nearly one thousand. Although not many, but found himself in the past few months of effort is not in vain, ah, here by the way to talk about their experience in the property site. Still not long winded, directly into the subject. What you do for your website? In order to make money, whether you can make money in the final analysis or not depends on whether your website can bring a large number of visitors. In other words, how to expand their visibility of the site? Improve keyword rankings? Well, I give some methods I tested read more

SNS how to train ordinary users to become loyal users of their websites

SNS promotion to it, and now play SNS sites are extremely rich connections can play. Big or strong! Such as Kang Sheng, outdated, and gathered love GJJ, at least in the webmaster in this population, their SNS excelled and! The grass family is difficult to play SNS


in Dongguan last year, the party chief, graph king said a word, not to engage in SNS, there is no future! Is now deeply felt! Do SNS, is really difficult! These days I study about.SNS, think of a way, may wish to share with you, feel feasible there are read more

Qualified webmaster should have 5 abilities

do a Chinese webmaster, sometimes I think, maybe I’m a hapless webmaster, after 3 years, and now there is no better station.

just started doing webmaster, do not know ASP PHP c++.Net, only know HTML language. The first corn was registered in the small agent, and the first site did half, and found that the agent ran away and disappeared.

later read an article and knew why.

hey, what are you talking about, huh?. I’d like to have 3 years of experience.



must be speculation, not gouweixudiao, also to blockbuster, fart must support strength into blasting, network is not speculation, not climate. read more

Website high-quality traffic comes from stationmaster’s four hearts

how to quickly improve the flow of the site, this is every individual webmaster are hard to think about the topic. Flow is the vitality of the site, with the flow, everything seems to be a piece of cake, be nothing difficult. So, try to improve the site traffic, it becomes one of the most important work for the webmaster. Of course, this is what I’m trying to do for my new station, So, how can we get more and higher quality flow? I think, high quality flow from the webmaster "four hearts": read more

Successful ways to apply for GGAD accounts free of charge

see now that so many people don’t have a GGAD account, today announced the 100% can apply to the GGAD method, to help novice! Free money!! I see no one published today, I sent out, many people may also broken off method is to use the webshell application! The ordinary school station! Very easy to get, if you can’t stand the black

never mind!

now many hacker forums are sold in general these are a few hairs one! When buying webshell to ensure that the domain name is not applied, there is no new meters! Here is the application, when the application of all things fill your own domain name only with webshell when the first application will! Let you build a text in the web root, don’t be afraid to press it to do read more

Happiness movie station six strokes teach you how to reduce Copyright Disputes

novice webmaster chat with friends do not know what to do online website, many predecessors have said in the industry websites and e-commerce is very promising, but the novice webmaster do industry website has no experience, do e-commerce no money, only to do some non mainstream QQ and entertainment sites, many friends choose free movie website, the reason is to use low cost with free movie website, users, promotion is simple, easy to flow, but we all know that the movie website copyright check is very powerful, so how to reduce or avoid copyright problems, the author summarizes the following 6 points, hope to help a friend to the movie website. read more

Baidu, you let me have stock feeling

as a webmaster, the most concerned about is the site Baidu collection and Baidu weight, this period of time, Baidu problems more. Many webmaster every day to open a computer, must do is to Baidu site about their web site. Look at the site included in the rise, but also worried about the reduction of their site included. Really a little in stock feeling, every day worried about the site included in the slump, even by K, and every day looking forward to his website included skyrocketing. I do not stock, I also hate the stock of life, but I now have the same feeling stocks. read more

3 main points of website construction to avoid being fooled

tourism’s future in the network, this is the industry irrefutable fact. As a direct practitioner of the tourism industry, the quality of the future business volume of travel agencies can almost be regarded as the good or bad of the travel agency in the online marketing of travel agencies. The travel agency website is the direct foundation of the travel agency’s online marketing, and it is the direct platform for attracting tourists online. Therefore, in the travel agency website construction absolutely can not be vague. However, because travel agents are still at the primary level in the understanding of tourism network marketing, they will inevitably be fooled by some unscrupulous website construction institutions and spend money without pleasing them. I have my own understanding of the travel agency website construction put forward some simple views, hoping to give some reference to the friends of the industry. read more

A grassroots Adsense entrepreneurial story of action, creating wealth

from 2009 October to April 2010 decided to resign to entrepreneurship, today has been half a year, time flies, b.. Sometimes passionate busy pitch-dark, sometimes confused at a loss in a complete mess. Like the sunny sky, at least look up the warm feeling of the heart, and most cloudy days, my mind seems to be enveloped in a closed bag, can not break free.

me with a big dog to start the network at the end of 2009, the big dog was dogged by bad luck, first fell from the stairs, and then made the hemorrhoids back home for surgery, it is said that eating more than 1 weeks of bananas, what is suffering. I am the only one left in Harbin held, at that time the most afraid of customers come to discuss business, why? The reason is if the client comes, I am a person, although the studio, but also is very quiet, no facade. When the dog to recuperate, I made a list, every day is desolate, and the northeast cold day, it is for me to live alone with a hint of sadness. But I still insist, because from the day I started the business, I told myself, this road must adhere to go on. Everyone has a way of success for everyone, without the best, only the most suitable. For the time being, the path I have chosen is the best for me. read more

Look at the domain name and program selection of talent network from the construction of Changde Tal

started from the middle of last year, I and a few friends team began to plan a production site personnel, mainly for local Changde talent network, relying on the advantages of our high flow Changde forum, the development of talent network to achieve commercial operation.

, but talent network from the beginning encountered a problem, mainly focused on the domain name and program selection, mainly divided into the following aspects:

1: good domain names are all registered

as long as the local talent network, whether it is +job code, +hr code, or, such easy to remember domain name and promotion by customers, as early as a few years ago and has been registered by a space, and you hardly from their hands for the acquisition, because many of these registers are wait for the right price to sell. The price is very high, or is the talent website group, a large area spread local talent network, a station group size, in order to attract local people to pay the initial fee to join. read more

Discussion on how to layout the nternet in manufacturing industry from the effectiveness of network

from the Internet thinking to Internet plus, traditional industry seems to be due to changes in turn the world upside down the Internet, if you do not talk about the Internet, I feel no face! "This is a traditional manufacturing enterprise can be heard without end, in the wave of the Internet in the sound began to actively embrace the Internet, news, news from the Internet effectively for a long time, internet promotion. The most suitable for the manufacturing industry. So, how the traditional manufacturing industry layout of the Internet? The chimney of the new industry about why manufacturing industry for Internet promotion. read more

How to optimize a new website

now has hundreds of millions of websites on the Internet, and thousands of different websites are being added every day. Facing the intense competition of our new station this is particularly important in how to blaze a confused army in their own way. So what should we do to optimize and improve a new station? I’ll talk to you about my experience.

makes a new website, usually divided into three stages. The first is the idea of building a station, the second is to improve and improve, and the third is stability and perseverance. read more

From the 0-1000 000 PV To explore the course of the community development of Monkey sland

site name: Monkey Island game community: Address:, /  this is a webmaster for 03 years since the start of the forum that station used vbb Dvbbs discz discuz.nt forum, the final choice of phpwind, we come into contact with the use of PHPWind forum program do one of the most large sites, there are four ZhengZhan forum. The game forum posting day more than 120 thousand, Baidu statistics data, the average PV over ten million. The entire site uses only 2 servers, and web and MySQL fully illustrate the high load capacity and low resource consumption of the PHPWind forum. read more

nternet business success (six) site marketing and integration promotion

internet promotion is a big topic, but for the website, how low-cost and effective marketing, allowing users to know the site as soon as possible, is the key to the site after the establishment.

one, website preparation before

good websites are just the first step on the road to success, and the first thing to do is to promote it when it’s built. Even if it’s not an excellent website, it’s easy to succeed as long as you can promote it. Websites are not popular at the beginning of their construction, and various websites have different ways of operation and promotion. Such as search engine promotion, community BBS promotion, online promotion, offline promotion, etc., in the seventh chapter will be dedicated to search engine optimization and promotion. read more

Do stand, how to understand their patience

is a webmaster friends very depressed recently said to me: "I say cold ah, you always say do stand to have the patience. But what exactly is this patience? You didn’t seem to say, "


I think everyone should have a problem like that. In fact, to understand their patience is not difficult, dream cold every friend with a communication, if it comes to this aspect, will intentionally or unintentionally to ask him a few questions.

cold: how many hours a day can you surf the Internet? read more

How does the nternet make money () analysis of the nternet’s profit model

the Dragon Boat Festival holidays too comfortable, not to any work, no other place is to go outside the supermarket, even didn’t go around, is to stay at home three days of sleep sleep, sleep at night, daytime sleep, take a month to owe up sleep. So this morning he got early signs. Later work tired, so choose such a holiday to adjust, relax, spiritual value is directly filled.

today about science Internet profit model, which is promised a friend to write articles before, although may have some friends who use the Internet every day, but do not know these companies on the Internet is how to make money, why do these sites can take free service for you. This is normal, I think I joined Ali two years, and did not figure out how the company made money. read more

101 indicators of a perfect website. Fourth part. Design

design reflects a website’s artistic accomplishment, however, is not to say that you should be design, design style should be combined with your industry, be concise, fresh, elegant, peaceful and design just to get an external impression on the user to access your content, do not make the Lord took penn. The following principles shall be followed in the design.

delivers professional first impressions for first-time visitors

good design will give the first impression the first time visitors bring unforgettable, but the design is good or bad is always each one according to his lights, there is no uniform standard, if we set a standard, it is good design should give a person with professional sense, the so-called professional sense, generally speaking, is designed to be like look, take your site and the world’s top 500 as a contrast, you will know the professional sense of what it is like. read more

Glyph of God the growth path of O2O in my eyes

[product guide] only involved in consumer decision-making, is relatively core. Why do some O2O industries rise so quickly, because the secret lies in….

text / carving God

Hi, old Zhou, this article is for you. Know your recent analysis on employment are entangled in O2O, because you are very valuable people, so the selection must be cautious, wrong, not worth the loss of one thousand million, is the life of glory stakes and landing.

"strategy is to look at the future today" – that’s the most important thing I’ve learned from Professor zeng. But what is tomorrow? It’s about analyzing yesterday, then betting on tomorrow, and then doing today. Just as the BAT big three, there must be time rise, this is the logic of "yesterday" – Baidu will first rise, because he directly from the information of advertising to make money, this does not need too many related industries mature, so the first implementation of the flow is realized; and why Tencent slow? Because the model of Tencent the flow guide to the game to be realized, and the bandwidth is speed, must rely on others, broadband is not universal, is unable to drive online gaming boom; Taobao has finally, no way, from the payment to logistics, to the "credit system", not a reliable ten years earlier, had to slowly mature, to live their own cultivation, but all mature, Ma Yun became the richest man China…… And you see, the older you get, the greater the harvest, the higher the market value. read more

Adsense Federation formally on-line, all station stationmaster Qi Bainian

in time and again on behalf of Chinese around the webmaster organizers alliance webmaster Association ( today officially launched. The organization for the president: Vice President of laggards founder Dong Qinfeng love gathered founder Guo Jijun; Honorary Advisor: Li Mingshun A5 Zhang Zhengjun, founder of stationmaster net China station founder Fan Qing, vice president of special adviser: Comsenz; Chinese station, A5 station network editor Qiu Song editor Chen Guoqiang, "stationmaster" club founder Zhang Xiang I dragnet founder Cai Liwen Secretary General Huang; Guan Peng, Deputy Secretary General of the western network CEO website alliance founder Qi Xiangyu; and many other members of standing around the brothers, currently the first approved for the 20 areas of local station organizer, later will have more partners to join the site. read more