Google Chinese appeared in advance through the registered domain name holder disclosure

When the Google Chinese name news conference is in progress, and has not yet announced the Chinese name, has been registered "Google company" and "Google. Net" and "", "Google.Cn network". The boiling point of reporters yesterday after multi track, finally contacted registered the name of Peng Tongxue of Hainan University.

also according to media reports, Google powerful search Chinese guy — Baidu Robin Li believes that "today what is Yahoo in China, you basically can also imagine, five years after Google was probably just like this."

because of some special channel, I know Google to change the name of the Chinese message in advance.

I am

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The classification of site death exams authenticity and profit information

as of the three quarter of 2006, the domestic independent classification information website has more than 200, plus other sites classified channel, the total number of about 3000. 2006 network classified advertising market accounted for 1% of all classified advertising market, the future prospects and the development of space is very impressive. In 2007-2008 will enter the outbreak of the market.

analysts believe that in 2005 thanks to the convenience of the Internet. Open classifieds site wind began to flourish, with its targeting ability and ability to distinguish the audience was optimistic about the advertisers. Personal information is released, the classification is clear, easy to find, update quickly and other characteristics, prompting the network began to seize the classified advertising market from the traditional media. read more

A unified ambitious fresh lakes appeared

Abstract: This is a 11 years of silence "unicorn" stealth and stealth champion, a surfaced got $500 million, had been as fresh whole industry wonderful like existence, want to do in the future fresh industry integration, "overweening".

fresh fruit founder Zhang Ye announced the acquisition of C+ round of financing.

The man on the stage of

, is a less sensitive taste, eat a meal together, his partner Jin Guanglei was always keen to find some seasoning dishes put more, Zhang Ye always belatedly agreed: "yes, I have not found." read more

Talking about the next nternet explosion industry E-commerce


I am not a person engaged in e-commerce industry, now in a game company to do marketing, e-commerce is also concerned about the beginning of last year. Always want to enter the industry, but do not have the opportunity. Some of the views and opinions of the individual. If you have different opinions, you can communicate with me. When you are right, I am an outsider to see the inside of the YY article.

what is e-commerce


my understanding of e-commerce is that this is only my understanding of e-commerce: the traditional industry to the Internet, the use of the Internet as a tool to maximize the rate of return on profit. As e-commerce in the country is still in the initial stage, the relevant laws and regulations are not perfect, because is the emerging industry, the national policy and the support is well and state of the electronic industry or always support. From the tax, personnel costs, transportation costs, the promotion of cost control is easier to operate than traditional industries, the Internet is a lot of things can be quantified, the effect can be directly reflected in the final output value. That is income. From the input to the return process can be well controlled. The delivery cost can be as low as possible. read more

Tmall business tax is to clarify the view of the electricity supplier tax One divides into two.

, the State Administration of Taxation issued yesterday on "adhere to the tax law to better serve economic development views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), clearly put forward to actively support the healthy development of the new format and new business models, "said to the tax authorities at all levels shall be specially organized this year for a new industry, new business models and comprehensive tax assessment tax inspection".

"opinions" issued, immediately triggered concern. Not long ago, the Internet has spread a "Tmall" merchant brush single "is more tax department required to pay taxes, some shops to" put up the shutters "message. read more

Four factions full contact online supermarket has formed the potential meet as equals

‘s survey found that in store No. 1, as the representative of the "network" online supermarket and the traditional entity of an online supermarket, and online community supermarket, I bought the food network in the market has formed a potential meet as equals.


on behalf of the brand: shop 1

network of online supermarket, because behind the team more professional, the degree of understanding of the electronic commerce is higher, and has the right to decide, so the operation smoothly. These companies do not need to carry out online and offline deployment, all resources are concentrated on the Internet, easier to manage. read more

1 shop released 2014 results Mobile orders accounted for more than 40% will focus on the development

Phoenix Science and technology news January 8th news, shop No. 1 today released 2014 performance data. According to the shop 1, announced by the end of 2014, shop No. 1 online sales of goods more than 8 million orders, accounting for about 40% of the mobile terminal. 1 shop chairman Yu Gang revealed that in 2015 the strategic focus of the store will be 1 in the field of fresh and mobile terminal business expansion.

it is reported that shop 1 in the sale of more than 8 million kinds of goods. Of which nearly 70 thousand kinds of imported food. By virtue of the direct sales of imported goods, 1 to import direct mining + distribution in the form of recruitment of the two or three line city distributors. read more

Luxury electric Chinese market ups and downs

recently, with a brand trust company’s director of communications, on the current development trend of China electronic commerce field, especially the luxury business industry, she expressed a more optimistic attitude to the author, in the face of Chinese broad high-end consumer market, that the move will certainly have a brilliant future.

in the prediction of the trend of the market outlook, she should be in line with the current trend of China’s dynamic synchronization. Well-known business China nets gives a group of luxury goods transaction data, the World Luxury Association published in January this year, the report shows that as of the end of December 2010, China luxury market’s annual consumption of the total to $12 billion 600 million ranked first in the world, accounting for 28%. The rapid rise of the middle class is China luxury consumer market the most excited participants. read more

Used car electricity supplier who is the outbreak of the opportunity

double eleven day car home fire, the black horse was on Tmall play car sells on the net, but also sell well. The car was born there are car electricity supplier, a lot of people will even this year as the first year of the electricity supplier. But this is somewhat defective, concept of automotive electricity supplier is a little big, whether the car home or car net, this is selling new cars, the automobile market in addition to the new car, second-hand car market is very large, today to talk about the second-hand car electricity supplier. read more

Study on the influencing factors of electronic business quota of Chinese women skin care products

Study on the influencing factors of

Chinese women’s skin care e-commerce business quota

through the study of the influence factors of Chinese women’s skin care e-commerce business quota, the purpose is to provide a reference for the improvement of Chinese women’s skin care e-commerce business quota. Based on a comprehensive overview of the previous research literature on women’s skin care products, the research hypothesis from the relationship between the female skin care products, promotions, marketing price, market positioning "and" Chinese women’s skin care products e-commerce business credit ". Randomly selected 400 e-commerce marketers as the research object, the electronic version of the questionnaire. These questionnaires were compiled in accordance with the Likert scale, and finally recovered 387 copies. The quantitative analysis method was used to describe the distribution data, the correlation analysis and the regression analysis. The research concluded: "women’s skin care products, marketing price, market positioning" have significant effect on women’s skin care products China e-commerce business lines, "the impact on the business credit function promotion" is not significant. read more

2015 retail development index in China or the world’s largest market

recently, A. T. Kearney released 2015 global retail development index report (GRDI). In the publication of the global retail development index list, the Asian countries to occupy the majority of seats, beyond the ranks of the other continents. Among them, China ranked first in the index list, retail sales are expected to grow to $8 trillion by 2022 (up to two times the size of the U.S. retail market). India ranked fifteenth.

China or within 3 years to become the world’s largest retail market read more

Liu Qiangdong Jingdong to use 3P to get the O2O business

Jingdong boss Liu Qiangdong to personally responsible for the O2O business is quite hard. Yesterday, Liu Qiangdong made in his speech O2O future development of the 3P strategy". Insiders believe that, from the O2O to the specified business, personally responsible for a series of strategic planning to overseas investment, Liu Qiangdong control of the Jingdong to be strengthened.

Liu Qiangdong in his speech on the future development of O2O proposed three strategies: to meet the needs of multi scene quality products (Product), the lowest price (Price) and personalized service (Personalized Service). From the north to the Graduate School of business point of view, this means that the Jingdong from product differentiation, supply chain management and logistics to accelerate the process of O2O. read more

Music as 919 electricity supplier Festival sales exceeded 4 billion 480 million exceeded the establi

as of September 19th 24, LETV ecological total sales exceeded 4 billion 480 million yuan, exceeding the 4 billion target, including LETV membership total sales of over 2 billion 480 million yuan; super TV sales exceeded 802 thousand, more than 919 fans Festival last year total sales two times; super total mobile phone sales exceeded 1 million 3 thousand, total sales for the last 919 fans Festival 1.7 cool1dual times; ecological mobile phone total sales of over 307 thousand and 700 units; intelligent hardware total sales of over 81 million 640 thousand yuan. 4 billion 480 million sales not only more than 4 billion yuan sales target, more than 919 fans Festival this year and last year 414 hardware sales sum free day. read more

The small and medium-sized enterprise informatization left hand right hand Dragon Sword Sword

geochilmaru, dragon sword, world order, no exception! Yitian a rival. Also in the enterprise informationization gradually popular today, only mastered the weapon to win the war, but what is the weapon, how to have a weapon is the entrepreneur who has been thinking about the problem, now two geochilmaru magic search — sword, dragon knife on himmelsdorf, so that small and medium-sized entrepreneurs themselves. How to predict the Dragon caused by "Jianghu disputes" please essays together into the dragon’s creator, to search for read more

Content entrepreneurs have not yet thought of how to implement the electricity supplier giants first

Abstract: from the content to the content of the entrepreneurial marketing, only a year in the various forms of entrepreneurship, the scalability of the best interactive video for the most. "Pengci" video broadcast outlet, many electricity providers are also playing the live video business.

text / Qiu butterfly


content of entrepreneurship tide is still up, there is no need to worry exposed underwear.

just crossed the mad content of entrepreneurship in the spring, how to get into the "harvest" summer fruit. In April 19th the "world network operators" content marketing: "the new electric tuyere assembly, a is said to affect the trend of business activities in 2016. read more

Wan Yue in the end how to do the electricity supplier

these 2 years, many people have seen the electricity supplier website a batch build, also saw a sudden death in many commercial web sites, and friends to discuss, have friends in the business of time with me, always said how difficult to do business, not to see the business prospects for the future. Today we talk about how the electricity supplier in the end how to do

line do well does not mean that the line is doing well. In recent years, there are many online, do good business are beginning to get involved in the network business, and then began to have a shopping website, then there is a pile of Baidu for advertising, began to lose money earned crying. Then, according to the argument on the network, the fierce loss of advertising, that there will be a lot of 1-2 years of harvest. In fact, this approach is very wrong. Look at Taobao, from its inception to now, Taobao has nearly 10 years of experience, a lot of people see Taobao’s success today, but don’t know a lot of Taobao in the hard way, the website like: personnel selection, site structure adjustment, user experience evaluation, selection of variety, quality the credit system is perfect, and the shopping process optimization customer service tracking services etc. These are different and offline mode. These complex things and things are not you 1, 2 months, 1, 2 years will be able to do. read more

Alibaba clean up the gray market attracting luxury settled

Beijing on August 11th news, "Wall Street Journal online edition published an article on Monday pointed out that the Alibaba is cleaning up its business platform" grey market ", to attract luxury brand Tmall official flagship store opened. As long as the brand regular army shop, Ali will eliminate unauthorized third party store goods. In addition, the Alibaba also with France, Italy and the UK government signed an agreement with the "gray market" problem.

The following is the summary: read more

PHPCMS new Adsense Promotion Alliance

    promotion alliance is the official launch of a professional PHPCMS software marketing platform, you can apply to join the PHPCMS promotion alliance and to promote sales commission.

              you can put the promotion link to your website or blog, can also be sent to QQ friends, sent to the QQ group, sent to the forum or set up for the forum signature. If a visitor clicks on the link and promotion within 3 months of registration for the PHPCMS user, the user will become your downline, after the user consumption in all official PHPCMS will be according to a certain proportion (at least 10%) give you a commission. PHPCMS official in each month of 1 to 10, you deserve promotion of royalty payment to your designated Alipay account. At the same time bring an effective Click to send 1 points, bringing a registered user to send 10 points, the points can be used in exchange for PHPCMS gifts such as T-shirt, can also be used in exchange for PHPCMS software and modules. For example,
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Today (2007-2-11) domain deletion recommendation

domain name registration com 60 yuan / year Chinese   Beijing CN channel; 50 yuan / year Chinese new network channel / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

Daily excellent fresh completed $100 million C round of financing will increase the supply chain and

Abstract: this round of financing by Lenovo venture and Zhejiang venture capital under management lead investor funds, Tencent, South Korea KTB, far wing, CRE capital investment, eCapital acted as financial advisor to the Tencent has 3 consecutive daily and fresh round of investment.

today, fresh electricity supplier announced the completion of the daily optimal C round of $100 million financing, from last April’s B+ round of financing less than a year.

it is reported that the current round of financing by Lenovo venture and Zhejiang venture capital under management lead investor funds, Tencent, South Korea KTB, far wing, CRE capital investment, eCapital acted as financial advisor to the Tencent has 3 consecutive daily and fresh round of investment. Xu Zheng, founder and CEO, said: "in 2017, we will focus on the" fast and good "strategy, continue to increase the upstream supply chain ecosystem and community cold chain network investment." read more